Robin DiAngelo, Jack Hill visit campus to speak about ‘White Fragility’

Robin DiAngelo and Jack Hill held a session yesterday with the Tufts community centered around DiAngelo’s recently released book, “White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard for White People to Talk about Racism” (2018). The talk focused on the discomfort white people exhibit when their views on race are challenged, and how they can overcome this discomfort and […]

Shilpa Davé delivers talk on South Asian accents, media representation

Students gathered in the Alumnae Lounge Monday for a talk on the power of accents in American media. The event, titled “Accented America: Race, Difference, and Power” and hosted by the Asian American Center, featured Shilpa Davé, an assistant professor of media studies and American studies at the University of Virginia. Linell Yugawa, director of the Asian American […]

Op-Ed: Why I’m leaving Tufts

For the past 11 months, I have been the Director of the Women’s Center. At 32 years old, I am the first Queer Gender Non-Conforming Afro-Latinx person in this position and the youngest hire. At this moment in time, Tufts University was particularly special as the Women’s Center and LGBT Center were led by two […]

The Tuftonian Dream: For the love of the brain

When you were young, you maybe had a dream. You were going to fly to the moon, pass EC 5, cure cancer. Then, you grew up. You cut your hair, chose your major, changed your outlook. You changed a lot, but did you change your dream? Junior Christine Barthelemy used to have free time. Back […]

Boston Globe’s ‘Spotlight’ team discusses race series, investigative process

Members of The Boston Globe’s Spotlight team discussed their experiences in investigative journalism last night in a panel event hosted by the Jonathan M. Tisch College of Civic Life in Barnum Hall. Panelists Patricia Wen, Adrian Walker and Todd Wallack, all of whom reported for the Globe’s December 2017 seven-part series on racism in Boston, spoke to students […]

All Mixed Up: What’s next?

Let’s just get to it. There’s racial tension going on constantly. There are several examples of tension between racial groups, such as the Asian American Center reforms, the Blasian Narratives shin-dig, the Three Percent marches, etc. This column will focus on when white folks mess up. Even though folks mean no harm, there’s a lot of racism on […]

Netflix’s ‘Dear White People’ successfully explores race problems

Netflix has been producing its own shows for years now, and it has seen much success in making its own content. While most of these shows are unique, not many are focused around creating dialogue and giving voices to marginalized groups of people. Enter “Dear White People” (2017–present), one of Netflix’s latest television series based on […]

Spring Fling lineup raises questions about dynamics between black artists and largely non-black audiences

This year’s Spring Fling will have the first all-black lineup since 1982, when Clarence Clemons and the Red Bank Rockers and Chubby Checker performed at Tufts. The 2017 lineup, which originally consisted of T-Pain, Tinashe and Aminé, was selected amid complaints about inadequate race representation among performers at the annual concert. When the original lineup was […]

Mind the Gap: Defining whiteness

I recently wrote a column on being mixed race, which received one comment: “If you look white, you ARE white. White can also be multiracial. Stop the whining.” The commenter then linked to an article that argues that people of color perpetuate the one drop rule. I was glad to see this comment, which has since been removed from […]

Tisch College Community Research Center announces seed funding for community organizations

The Jonathan M. Tisch College of Civic Life’s Community Research Center (TCRC) has awarded $25,000 in seed grant funding to two organizations this year: Medford Conversations, a series of community dialogues regarding community issues, and Shape Up Somerville, a group focused on community health and food security. Tufts announced the grants in a Feb. 2 press release. TCRC focuses […]