Tufts professor, other researchers win award for sign language database

A group of researchers, including Associate Professor of Psychology Ariel Goldberg and former Tufts graduate student Naomi Caselli, were awarded a National Science Foundation (NSF) visualization award for ASL-LEX, an interactive and searchable lexical database for American Sign Language (ASL). Karen Emmorey, a professor at San Diego State University, said that the database currently has around 1,000 signs. It includes […]

Student group aims to provide support, connection for women in Social Sciences

A new student group, Women in the Social Sciences, formed this semester with the intent of connecting and empowering women studying the social sciences at Tufts. According to group co-founder Eva Kahan, the group will have education, outreach and community committees and will look to provide its members with networking and career opportunities. “We are hoping to form a […]

Op-Ed: On the stigma of depression (Part 2)

Editor’s correction: The subheading of the first part of this Op-Ed, “On the stigma of depression (Part 1),” which appeared in print on The Tufts Daily on March 29, mistakenly indicates that the author suffered from eating disorders.  Trigger Warning: Topics pertaining to self harm, depression and sexual assault At some point no one could take the responsibility for […]

Professor Sam Sommers brings psychology to sports fans

As the co-author of the new sports psychology book, “This is Your Brain on Sports,” Associate Professor of Psychology Sam Sommers is uniquely positioned to answer most questions about how athletes, coaches and fans think. But there is one subject that even he can’t completely solve: Why do people who claim to enjoy sports watch Skip Bayless […]

Wearing my heart on my sleeve (and my backpack)

My backpack’s got two pins affixed to its straps, each displaying whom I care about most. Its left side sports one saying “World’s Greatest Dad;” its right, “1 in 4.” Let me clarify: I’m not actually a father, but a surrogate of sorts. My floormates conferred me the title of “Floor Dad” last semester (for […]

Tufts Human Factors and Ergonomics Society revamps for this semester

The study of human factors explores how to optimize user experience and contribute to market success, focusing on the design of products through the lens of user functionality. A pre-professional society at Tufts, Tufts Human Factors and Ergonomics Society (THFES) is dedicated to providing resources for Tufts undergraduates studying human factors through various workshops and a […]