The Elephant in the Room: Success is a social construct

Sometimes I feel like this column consists of me having an existential crisis for everyone to read about on Thursdays. I kind of shout my tidbits of information into the void and hope that they stick with someone, so here is my weekly shout into the void. At times when I am sad with all […]

Editorial: College admission reforms should address high school pressure

The number of students, from middle school to graduate schools, are experiencing extreme stress, and its side effects are growing at an alarming rate. In an anonymous study conducted last spring at Irvington High School near Silicon Valley, Dr. Stuart Slavin of Saint Louis University School of Medicine found that over 54 percent of students showed moderate […]

The pressure to rush

As the Greek system becomes more prevalent at Tufts, fraternities and sororities are becoming a powerful social force on campus. While these organizations can impact campus positively with their resources and energy, they also tend to propagate an exclusionary culture while simultaneously pressuring people to join. Twenty four percent of the undergraduate population was affiliated with […]