Op-ed: Bernie should drop out for the sake of his revolution

There is tremendous power in the campaign that Bernie Sanders has run, and he’s absolutely right on a great many issues. He’s right that the American economy is rigged. He’s right that climate change is currently the greatest threat to the United States, yet our country has done little to nothing to fight it. He’s […]

The Arena: Bulls and Bears

I recently discovered political markets. Predictit.com is a website that allows users to buy and sell shares in a given political event — occurring or not occurring — with the expectation of a payout. On PredictIt, if an event occurs, like Hillary Clinton winning in New York, “shareholders” get paid $1 per share. At the […]

The Arena: Cruz missile

Candidates like Donald Trump are exciting. Trump is guaranteed to bring out thousands to his events and generate copious decibels of noise. He has built a campaign on telling it like it is and refusing to be politically correct. Ted Cruz, on the other hand, is boring. He brings hundreds to his events and utters […]

The Arena: Bern after reading

In explaining the Electoral College to non-Americans (and occasionally Americans), I like to use the “points” approach. Every state is worth a certain number of points, and a candidate needs to win a majority to win it all. And yeah, it really doesn’t matter what the overall population thinks. Points. It’s all about points. Bernie […]

The Arena: March Madness

Apparently Google searches about moving to Canada have spiked in the last month. Part of the effect is probably heartthrob and “The Arena”-favorite Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who was just in Washington, D.C. But I’m honestly not sure that Canada won’t build a wall to keep Americans out with the way these elections are going. On […]

The Arena: Rubiover

With the internship season rolling around, resume-fudging is at its peak. You never know what special skill will get you that gig with Google. But if you’re looking for accomplishments to put on your résumé, look no further than the Republican primaries. You (and I) both earned as many delegates as Marco Rubio did on […]

The Arena: Don with the win

I’ve never been a particularly great poker player; I just don’t have the patience not to go all in after a few hands. As loyal readers of “The Arena” (Hi mom!) will know, I’ve been pretty set on Marco Rubio and Hillary Clinton as the inevitable nominees. I’m doing well with my Hillary Clinton pick, […]

On Super Tuesday, vote for America

Once again, it is that time of year. Today is Super Tuesday, and it is justifiably called so. On this day, residents of Massachusetts, 11 other states and one U.S. territory cast their votes in the Presidential Primary Elections. In total, over 40 percent of the Democratic Party’s delegates are up for grabs and 25 percent […]

The Arena: Bush league

Raise your hand if you had Donald Trump and John Kasich lasting longer than Jeb Bush in this campaign. Nobody? Didn’t think so. Jeb Bush was by no means a shoo-in to win his nomination, but the manner in which he lost was shocking. Political science departments across the country will start including his failed […]

For many, a debate to forget

Last week, America got its first look at the debating chops of the Democratic candidates. While Governor Mike Huckabee ranted on Twitter, Bernie Sanders raved, and Lincoln Chafee finally opened his mouth. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was the clear winner, while Senator Chafee and Governor Martin O’Malley fell short. Senator Sanders underwhelmed while Senator […]