The Arena: The home stretch

First and foremost, everybody at The Arena would like to welcome our newest Jumbos to Tufts. You’ll find rather quickly that there’s nothing quite like a college campus around election time. And to everybody who won’t be going home to vote, please request your absentee ballot! From the top of the ballot down to your local […]

Jumbo Votes works to reform local voting system, bring elephantine numbers to the polls

In the midst of primary election season, the newly renamed Tisch College of Civic Life (Tisch College), formerly Tisch College of Citizenship and Public Service, and a number of on-campus political groups such as Cooperation and Innovation in Citizenship (CIVIC), Tufts Democrats, Tufts Republicans, Tufts Votes and the Tufts chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) […]

Somerville 18 face charges for blocking I-93 during Black Lives Matter protest

Last year, national media coverage focused on several cases of unrest, largely in the form of protests in which activists called the world’s attention to police brutality — particularly excessive force and the targeting of black bodies in the United States. This call for justice, policy changes and rectification of the various economic, social and educational inequalities developed into the […]