Point-Counterpoint: “Not my President”

In defense of “Not my President:” In the widespread protests that spanned the globe following the election of President Trump, the resounding cry of resistance to the new American president echoed worldwide. Throughout the United States, millions took to the streets after Election Day and after the inauguration, many of them united by the slogan, “Not my President.” […]

Donald Trump inaugurated as 45th president

Donald Trump was inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States last Friday at noon, on the steps of the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C. His inauguration was the first time a total political outsider, who has never served in public office or the military, assumed the nation’s highest office. The number of people […]

Editorial: On healing and moving forward

While the Daily never formally endorsed a candidate for this year’s election, Tuesday’s results came as a crushing blow for many. And though we pride ourselves on being politically inclusive and accepting of all voters’ decisions, electing Donald Trump as our next president represents more than just a political victory for a portion of conservative voters. Trump […]

Election Day: Final thoughts from Tufts Republicans

The past several months have been host to one of the most historic and media-driven presidential elections in recent memory, a season marked not only by its many departures from “normal” election proceedings but also by its potential to affect our national future for far more than the four or eight years to come. This […]

Election Day: Final thoughts from Tufts Democrats

After a long, difficult campaign season, this election is nearly over. All that is left is the final decision. You know the stakes. This election has been covered continuously by the media; every comment of every candidate has been endlessly scrutinized, analyzed and dissected from all angles. You know that one candidate has 30 years of […]