Editorial: Sackler exposé brings Tufts to the hot seat

A recent Esquire exposé that rocked the Internet revealed the Tufts’ Sackler School of Graduate Biomedical Sciences has indirectly profited from thousands of opioid-induced deaths. The Sackler family, champions of art and philanthropy, are also behind the success of OxyContin, a leading painkiller that is over-prescribed, sold on a mass scale and one of the most […]

Tufts political groups across the spectrum energized by 2016 election

Progressive political organizations and activist groups at Tufts have mobilized around resisting President Donald Trump’s agenda and have used his surprise electoral victory as a rallying cry, according to interviews with students in multiple groups. Meanwhile, campus conservative groups are also noticing a spike in activity after the election because of statewide victories and growing approval […]

Reported sexual offenses increase at Tufts, according to Clery Reports

Trigger Warning: This article discusses sexual violence. According to a Dec. 23 Boston Globe analysis of colleges and universities in New England, the number of reported forcible sexual offenses on the Tufts University Medford/Somerville campus increased from 14 in 2014 to 25 in 2015, the most recent year for which data is available. The data comes from […]

National discourse on sanctuary campuses: Where does Tufts fit in?

For students looking to effect change outside the “Tufts bubble,” the sanctuary movement serves as at least one way in which Tufts students are connecting to a growing movement taking place across the country. Since Election Day, almost 200 sanctuary campus petitions have emerged nationwide, according to Xavier Maciel, a first-year transfer student at Pomona College. Maciel […]

Monaco releases statement pledging protection, legal counsel to undocumented students

University President Anthony Monaco released a statement yesterday titled “Supporting and Protecting our DACA and Undocumented Students,” calling for an enhancement of Tufts’ commitment to its undocumented students in the face of possible changes in federal immigration law under the coming administration of President-elect Donald Trump. In the statement, Monaco asserts that Tufts intends to resist any […]

Editorial: Establish a sanctuary campus at Tufts

A petition calling upon the administration to make Tufts a sanctuary campus for undocumented members of the university community has made waves at Tufts over the past week, garnering more than 3,000 signatures. The petition calls on the university to protect the identities of all undocumented community members — including students, their families, staff and workers — to provide them access to […]

Editorial: Finding a solution for tuition hikes

As this year comes to a close, Tufts students and their families are starting to worry about paying next year’s tuition, which, as the decade-long pattern would predict, has been raised yet again by nearly $2,000, reaffirming Tufts’ position among the top most expensive schools in the country. And although the increase is at a […]

Op-ed: Tufts janitors to renegotiate contract this spring

Imagine 105 people cleaning up after more than 7,000 students and faculty, keeping our whole campus clean every day — with only 21 percent of them working 40 hours per week. It sounds impossible to me, but that is what Vice-President of Operations Linda Snyder expects from janitors at Tufts, as outlined in her April 2015 op-ed […]