The Art of Games: In games, the end is not always the end

Just like everything else in life, all games must end at some point. And just like other aspects of life, the manner in which they end can differ drastically from game to game. Although I will be discussing the end of games in this column, there won’t be any story spoilers. I will focus on […]

The Art of Games: Tutorials are an overlooked aspect of games

Tutorials are an often-overlooked aspect of a game, which can make a significant difference in your gameplay experience. For someone who has been playing games for years, their primary use is teaching you the specific controls and intricacies of the game, but for someone new to a controller, they are crucial to shaping your entire […]

E for Everyone: Portal

Why should you play “Portal” (2007)? Because it is arguably the most intuitively-designed game ever made. Also because it’s hilarious, absurdly fun, outstandingly satisfying and has a very touching origin story if you’re interested. But there are so many facets of this wonderful little four-hour game that exploded expectations everywhere that I’m only going to focus […]

Tufts student Jeremy Slavitz prepares to release second game

Tufts Junior and Computer Science Major Jeremy Slavitz has been making video games for years, ever since a promotional giveaway exposed him to Apple’s App Store. Slavitz received an iPod Touch with his first Macbook, beginning his path in game development that has continued in college. “I was playing a lot of games on the […]