How do Tufts Democrats, Republicans, Left Unity Project fit into CIVIC’s two-party debate?

Tufts CIVIC held a debate between Tufts Republicans and Tufts Democrats in ASEAN Auditorium at The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy on Oct. 26. The debate covered U.S. foreign and domestic policy, which included everything from legislation regarding reproductive health to how to best deal with the potential threat in North Korea. When asked about the goal […]

‘Get Out’ blends horror, comedy to address U.S. racism

Jordan Peele is widely known and liked largely because of his work on the Comedy Central series “Key & Peele” (2012-2015), which features short sketches that get audiences laughing. So when word got out that Peele was working on a movie more focused on terror than comedy, many were skeptical of the end result, questioning whether Peele should bother […]

Food for Thought: We get it, you’re vegan

It isn’t often that someone comes out of the ‘vegan closet’ unexpectedly. Sure, you can be a non-vegan and still be really into kale, but eventually the black-bean brownies are going to raise some eyebrows. Other signs include: a man bun, probiotic dirt water and self-deception in the form of “I had no idea that […]

Looking In: Politicizing everything

When a society is afraid of its government and when it faces constant strains and opposition from those in power, resistance permeates every sphere of public life. Movies, television shows, books, sports games and even gossip columns become avenues of politics. After generations, culture becomes so utterly politicized that it becomes impossible to read a […]

The future of healthcare

Editor’s Note: This is the first of a two-part series on the state of U.S. healthcare and its future. The election of President Donald Trump has ramifications across every policy field, but it may have the largest impact on healthcare. Election night immediately called into question the future of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). With […]

Jersey Over Apron: Cause for pause

For many, sports are an escape. This attitude aligns with the ideals of American meritocracy, as the media often spotlights hoop dreams, and how athletes from low-income families are able to work hard and make it big. Sports documentaries highlighting the perseverance of sport in war-torn countries, run down concrete courts in low-income urban areas, or even […]

Op-ed: The debate system created Trump — how can we avoid a repeat?

Turn on the news at any time of the day, and you will see political pundits discussing the previous night’s debate, translating debate performance into primary prognostications or anticipating a coming debate. The debate system has become entrenched in our political system — the most ubiquitous, consistent method for choosing the party representatives and our […]

Tufts alumnus and Iranian-American detained without charges since last October

“This is a nightmare I can’t describe.” These are the words the mother of Tufts alumnus and Iranian-American businessman Siamak Namazi (A ’93), who was detained and arrested by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) without any public charges last October, wrote last week. Siamak is estimated to have been in detention for over 130 days, where he […]

Op-Ed: Can friendship help resolve America’s fractured political climate?

On the morning of Feb. 13, the United States was shocked with the news of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s death. Immediately following the news, a barrage of reactions concerning President Obama’s potential appointment of Justice Scalia’s successor began pouring from both political parties. Perhaps greater than this initial politicizing of Scalia’s death, however, was […]