‘Ansel Adams in Our Time’: Between us and nature

The very same Museum of Fine Arts (MFA) gallery that hosted Takashi Murakami’s “Superflat” monsters and 19th century Japanese paintings last year is now, as the site for the exhibition “Ansel Adams in Our Time,” temporarily home to the transcendentalist photographs of Ansel Adams (1902–1984) and those who came before and after him. Once again, the MFA weaves through […]

Graciela Iturbide’s ‘Mexico’ offers a touching, intimate look at Mexico and its people

For the last couple of months, the “Ansel Adams: In Our Time” exhibit has been the buzz of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (MFA), but there is a second, smaller but arguably more impressive and impactful, photography exhibit at the MFA right now. It is Graciela Iturbide’s “Mexico:” an intimate and stunning collection of Graciela […]

Harvard’s Carpenter Center explores James Baldwin’s world in photography exhibition

Harvard University’s Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts is currently showing “Time is Now: Photography and Social Change in James Baldwin’s America,” a multi-artist photography exhibit running through Dec. 30. The exhibition highlights facets of African-American life in the north and south from the 1930s to the 1960s, providing a visual context to the stories of […]

2018 Somerville Toy Camera Festival explores history of curiosity with vintage machines

A church just a six-minute-walk from Carmichael Hall harbors passageways into alternative worlds. One of the Somerville Toy Camera Festival venues, the Nave Gallery, located in the Clarendon Hill Presbyterian Church, opened to the public from Sept. 8–30 with sentimental photographs testifying to the human fascination with mythical worlds. This year, the festival included three parallel exhibitions […]

Reimagining Adam and Eve: the biblical first couple seen by incisive eyes across centuries

In the Fogg Museum in Cambridge, one of the Harvard Art Museums, audiences can contemplate the origin of the human condition within an Abrahamic context. From Sept. 1, 2018 – Jan. 6, 2019, the museum hosts the “Adam and Eve” exhibition, which spans across time and space, including artworks from historical masters like Rembrandt as well […]

Senior Profile: Nora Nord is telling women’s stories with her traveling camera

Ask Nora Nord what she’s working on right now, and you’ll get a list so long that you’re bound to forget the beginning by the end. The senior from Oslo, Norway seems to have a hand in every type of visual project possible. Nora arrived late to our meeting, immaculately dressed with a camera in […]

‘Sanctuary’ shows affected reality at the Griffin Museum of Photography

Paradise is not usually imagined in black and white, but there is not much in the realm of the traditional in Michael Kirchoff’s “Sanctuary,” a nature photography exhibit currently on view at the Griffin Museum of Photography in Winchester, Mass. This world-within-in-our-world is stark, beautiful and devoid of human life. Extremely wide shots, high-contrast lighting and subtle, off-kilter […]

Weekender: With his residency, artist Wen-ti Tsen reaches past the center

The Tufts University Art Gallery opened its new exhibition, “Home Town: Re-presenting Boston’s Chinatown as Place of People – Now and Then,” on Oct. 2 with works by Wen-ti Tsen. The artist — who was born in China, grew up in Europe and later moved to the United States — is the artist-in-residence for this semester through the […]

Five places on campus for Instagram-worthy portraits

Whether it’s for your LinkedIn profile to land a job or your Tinder profile to score a match, you always need some versatile portraits on hand. For those looking for cool backgrounds for their headshots, here is a list of five places that will provide an interesting look and color to boost your chance of getting […]