Tisch College expands campus role with new civic studies major, other changes

The Jonathan M. Tisch College for Civic Life will be implementing a new civic studies program starting next fall, according to Peter Levine, Associate Dean for Research and Lincoln Professor of Citizenship & Public Affairs at Tisch College. Levin explained that the interdisciplinary Civic Studies major will include classes from a variety of departments, including history, philosophy, sociology, economics and religion.  The […]

Professors submit proposal to replace PJS major with civic studies

Faculty and administrators are proposing to cancel the peace and justice studies (PJS) major, retaining the PJS minor but replacing the major with a new civic studies program. PJS has been under continued review since last semester, when the Office of the Dean of Arts and Sciences considered canceling the major on account of dwindling support from faculty. Associate Professor […]

Data Intensive Studies Center aims to transform research at Tufts

Tufts’ initiative to increase data science research and education, first outlined in the T10 Strategic Plan in 2013 has made progress with the creation  of the Data Intensive Studies Center (DISC) this fall and its first all-day symposium next Wednesday. With the creation of DISC, Tufts hopes to bring together both students and faculty to better utilize data science in ways […]

Peace and Justice Studies Program under continued review

The Peace and Justice Studies (PJS) Program is currently under review, after the Office of the Dean of Arts and Sciences considered canceling the program due to a lack a faculty support in recent years, according to Erin Kelly, the newly appointed director of PJS and an associate professor of philosophy. Kelly explained that two committees will be charged […]

RAYSE index tracks youth civic engagement through data

A May 16, 2016 NPR article proclaims millennials to be a rival political force to baby boomers — each generation makes up about 31 percent of the overall electorate. Political potential, however, is distinct from political influence — the same article notes that millennials “have the lowest voter turnout of any age group.” However, with the help of […]

NPR correspondent moderates panel on civic life post-election

Speakers from a variety of fields addressed the current state of civic engagement in the United States at a panel discussion in a mostly-full ASEAN Auditorium last night. The event, entitled “The Civic State of the Union,” was part of the Jonathan M. Tisch College of Civic Life’s Distinguished Speaker Series. The event’s panelists were Professor Robert Putnam from the Harvard Kennedy School, […]