News roundup: Last year in headlines

Last year, Tufts saw a continuation of established debates and drama, as well as the emergence of new issues that stand to affect the campus in the coming months. Here is a review of the key issues as they emerged. September Led by campus group United for Immigrant Justice, more than 60 students protested outside […]

Letter to the Editor: Pass/fail distribution requirements

The Tufts Daily published an editorial on Monday suggesting that giving distribution requirements a pass/fail option will improve students’ experiences. No, it won’t. They claim that people err away from difficult classes because they don’t wish to damage their GPA, and instead of taking Intro to Chem they take Plants and Humanity. Here’s the problem: If someone […]

Editorial: Distribution requirements should have pass/fail option

Tufts students in the School of Arts and Sciences are familiar with the struggle of fulfilling requirements. In addition to major requirements and foundation requirements — two semesters of writing, six semesters of language and culture, and one world civilizations credit — students must also take several classes to complete the distribution requirements. This includes […]

Editorial: Extending the pass/fail deadline will bring more academic freedom for students

The pass/fail option at first glance seems like a perfect opportunity for students to take challenging classes or experiment in different fields without the risk of it affecting their GPAs. But the deadline for deciding to take a course pass/fail makes it difficult for students to maneuver. Sophomores, juniors and seniors have only five weeks […]