Unpacking the part-time faculty presence at Tufts

On Oct. 11, the part-time faculty bargaining committee and the School of Arts and Sciences reached a tentative five-year agreement for a new contract. The contract has not yet been ratified, according to Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences James Glaser, but nonetheless represents an important milestone in the administration’s relationship with the faculty bargaining […]

Editorial: Part-time lecturers deserve better contract

We all know that a Tufts University diploma is an exorbitantly priced piece of paper. Somewhere along the line, we have decided to justify steep tuitions and forthcoming debt with the notion that it will all be worthwhile. We will graduate with a sterling education, coated with wisdom passed down from prudent professors. But if professors are so […]

Op-Ed: Different classes in education

As a graduate student, there is only one question I dread more than those asking how my dissertation is coming along: “So you want to become a professor?” I do. That’s not the point. When someone asks me that question, I need to make a decision: Will I smile and say yes, or will I […]

Negotiations between part-time faculty, administration in standstill

Negotiations between adjunct faculty and the Tufts administration appear to have reached a stalemate. According to Andy Klatt, a part-time professor in the Department of Romance Languages and a member of the faculty’s bargaining committee, the bargaining agreement was originally set to expire on June 30, but a series of disagreements between the negotiating parties have pushed […]

Op-Ed: Part-time faculty deserve a fair contract

The Tufts Part-time Faculty Union met with the university several times this past spring and summer to negotiate a follow-up to our first contract, signed in 2014. The union had hoped to reach an agreement before our contract expired on June 30, 2017. We felt that a new understanding would reflect a willingness on the […]

Students stage rally advocating for part-time faculty, amidst contract re-negotiations

Students from Tufts Labor Coalition (TLC) gathered outside the Activity Fair tent on the Academic Quad during Jumbo Days yesterday afternoon to call on the university to meet the demands of part-time faculty, who are currently in the midst of re-negotiations over their contract expiring June 30. Part-time faculty at Tufts won their current contract in […]

Part-time faculty prepare to renegotiate contract

The collective bargaining agreement for part-time adjunct faculty at Tufts is due to expire on June 30, and re-negotiations have begun between the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and Tufts administrators. Since the adjunct faculty at Tufts formed a union in 2013, their contract with Tufts has become a model for other schools in the Greater Boston area […]

University, part-time faculty reach tentative agreement

fter eight months of negotiations, representatives of Tufts and its part-time faculty reached a tentative contract agreement this Friday. The terms of the three-year contract will not be made public until all part-time lecturers vote to ratify the contract later this month, according to Director of Public Relations Kim Thurler.  The part-time lecturers, represented by […]