Ban on public assembly hurts legitimacy of Paris climate talks

The French police announced on Friday that it has put under house arrest at least 24 environmental activists who had openly flouted the ban on protesting put in place for the duration of this week’s COP21 climate summit in Paris, according to a Nov. 27 article in The Guardian. The warrants for the protestors’ arrests were granted under France’s state […]

Learning from our mistakes

I was six years old on Sept. 11, 2001. My mom and I had just moved to Connecticut from Manhattan barely a month beforehand. While I was in elementary school that day, she had returned to New York City to finish unloading our things from the old apartment. I remember when the attacks were announced over […]

Did he just say that?

Particularly when faced with poor poll numbers, politicians will say and do anything to get elected. The aftermath of the recent attacks in France is an excellent case study in this. Instead of discourse on attacks across the globe, from Beirut (this writer’s hometown) to Paris and what they mean, Republican politicians have turned these tragedies […]

France’s far-right poses threat to French democracy following Paris attacks

Friday’s terrorist attacks in Paris left the world in shock. In the heart of one of Europe’s foremost cities, a living symbol of the aspirations of democracy and multicultural liberalism, concert-goers were taken hostage, Friday evening diners were gunned down and soccer fans were terrorized. The death toll now stands at over 130. Hundreds are wounded. Paris itself, it seems, […]