Op-Ed: ‘Next year in Jerusalem:’ Reflecting on Israeli Apartheid Week

Some of you may have seen students munching on funky-looking crackers last week in the dining halls. What you saw was students eating matzah, the “bread of affliction,” in celebration of the Jewish festival of Passover. For those wondering the reasoning behind such a tradition, Passover commemorates the exodus of the Israelites from Egypt following […]

Op-Ed: Palestinian thirst for dignity and justice

Disclaimer: It has been brought to the Daily’s attention that sections of this op-ed and the op-ed entitled “Israeli academic treks: single narrative at the service of occupation” by the same author from the Nov. 15, 2017 issue of the Daily were plagiarized from sources referenced in the pieces. The author has been banned from further […]

Op-ed: Learning to listen

“We bring to this debate an Israeli, patriotic voice that says ‘we love Israel, but the occupation harms it.’ It’s critical that the world knows there are Israeli soldiers who think the state’s future depends on ending the occupation.” – Yuli Novak, Executive Direct of Breaking the Silence, and former Israeli Air Force officer (Haaretz). […]

Tanya Habjouqa’s ‘Occupied Pleasures’ finds joy, absurdity in Palestinian life

Jordan-born photographer Tanya Habjouqa primarily focuses on depicting issues of human rights and gender in the Middle East. While Habjouqa’s work spans much of the region, she is currently based in East Jerusalem, and her most recent project, a photobook titled “Occupied Pleasures,”  documents the everyday lives of Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip over the last […]

Israeli-Palestinian conflict: myths and facts

Editor’s Note: The printed version of this op-ed incorrectly listed Hannah Hoang as the author. The piece was in fact written by Chad Kramer. The Daily apologizes for this error. Our buzzword culture continues to thrive. Through its advertisement in the Tufts Disorientation Guide, Tufts Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) promotes reckless policies and […]

The betrayal

I’ve written about Arab Israeli columnist and novelist Sayed Kashua recently. It is safe to say he has had less than an easy life. While some of his frustrations with the current Israeli government are grounded, I take issue with a number of his stances. But for all the critique he levels at the country, […]