Capen Village plans approved, development on schedule

Plans for Capen Village, a cluster of houses owned by Tufts that will be available as housing options for juniors and seniors starting next fall, will continue on schedule after approval by the Medford Zoning Board of Appeals on Jan. 11, according to Associate Director of Housing Operations Matt Austin. Karla Chaffee, a member of the Medford Zoning […]

Editorial: Campus housing situation is slow-burning crisis

In recent months, the administration has taken increased measures through students and faculty to gauge an understanding of desired housing options. The recently formed Residential Strategies Working Group (RSWG) is just one example of how Tufts administrators are working with students to create a realistic plan for housing both on-campus and off-campus. Additionally, the Office of […]

Jumbo Steps: A sweet, suite life

It looks like the proverbial phrase summing up my freshman housing situation, “home is where the WiFi (doesn’t) automatically connect,” is going to be replaced next fall by something even more frightening than tufts-secure’s wrath: “home is where the…strangers live.” Housing season is upon us, ladies and germs. It’s a wild ride, indeed. Since ORLL administered […]

Administration must plan for new dorms in light of growing political pressure

The new, massive Science and Engineering Complex (SEC) being erected near Bromfield-Pearson and Anderson Halls, which is slated for completion in 2017, as well as the recently completed 574 Boston Ave. building and the complex at 200 Boston Ave. that was completed in 2012, all display the university’s admirable commitment to developing its STEM programs. The question should […]

Somerville responds to affordable housing crisis, urges Tufts to build more on-campus housing

In the coming weeks, the City of Somerville will be considering measures aimed at curbing one of its most pressing issues: a dwindling supply of affordable housing for its lower and middle-class residents, Mayor Joseph A. Curtatone announced on Oct. 15. Gentrification and a hot local real estate market have been driving up Somerville’s housing […]