Harvard sees standard Mexican fare at El Jefe’s Taqueria

Studded with specialty eateries, high-end lounges and quick service joints to accommodate even the most frugal of passing students, Harvard Square is a diverse but likely difficult market to break into for restaurant owners. That fact hasn’t stopped Fire + Ice Founder John Schall from introducing his latest venture, El Jefe’s Taqueria, to Mt. Auburn Street […]

‘Serial’ season 2 deviates from roots, explores military mystery

As a genre, “true crime” typically brings to mind classic nonfiction masterworks like “In Cold Blood” (1966) and guilty-pleasure cable television about grisly murders, serial killers and police chases. Public fascination with the genre is nothing new, but it appears to have entered a renaissance with the recent, overwhelming popularity of documentary series like the […]

Scott Meyer writes fantasy series for computer science enthusiasts

Scott Meyer has a long list of titles including — but certainly not limited to — former DJ, writer for video games, comedian, ghost bell hop at the Tower of Terror, opening act for Weird Al Yankovic, office manager and creator of the “Basic Instructions” (2003-present) webcomic. Somewhere in the chaos, Meyer was able to publish three books […]

57th Grammy Awards nominations go for style over substance

It’s that time of year again, when holiday songs melt away into winter’s dance-like-it’s-summer hits. Those who take comfort in this fluffy predictability will be happy to mark their calendars for Feb. 8, the air date of the 57th Grammy awards. Say what you will about “Music’s Biggest Night” – bewildering, out-of-touch, a bit self-congratulatory – […]

‘All the Light We Cannot See’ stuns with depth of character

True art can act as a reminder that, despite conditions of darkness, there is always hope and there is light. “All the Light We Cannot See,” the stunning novel by Anthony Doerr, comments on the nature of blindness and light, both physical and metaphorical. Shortlisted for the 2014 National Book Award, the novel is achingly […]

Some hip-hop artists speak out, others stay silent over Brown, Garner decisions

“I urge and challenge musicians and artists alike to push themselves to be a voice of the times that we live in.” Ahmir Khalib Thompson, aka Questlove, drummer for the Roots, posted the above sentiment last week to his Instagram account as part of a lengthy caption underneath a photo of a person’s silhouette centered in […]

Activist duo DarkMatter use humor to promote social awareness

Tufts Asian American Alliance (AAA) and South Asian Political Action Committee (SAPAC) co-hosted the spoken word duo DarkMatter for a performance in Sophia Gordon on Nov. 15. titled #ItGetsBitter. The show explores issues at the intersection of LGBT rights and South Asian diasporic experiences. The duo consists of Brooklyn-based Stanford grads Janani Balasubramanian and Alok […]

‘Serial’ provides weekly entertainment and suspense

“Serial” (2014 – present), a spinoff podcast of “This American Life” (1995 – present) hosted by Sarah Koenig and produced by Julie Snyder, breathes life into a neglected medium of storytelling, allowing its audience to fall back in love with the radio in a new way. “Serial” investigates a 1999 murder case, delving into narratives and following […]

AOL On series offers inside look at New York City Ballet

Netflix, Amazon and Hulu are today’s go-to sources for unconventional, original media available for online streaming, but AOL On’s series, “city.ballet.” is a great reminder that these three sites don’t have a monopoly on compelling internet television. Produced and narrated by Sarah Jessica Parker, “city.ballet.” is back for a second season, released last week. The […]

Amy Poehler’s sincere new memoir offers humor, inspiration

Amy Poehler’s new book, “Yes Please,” is refreshingly honest, raw, hilarious and even inspirational. Hitting shelves on Oct. 28, “Yes Please” is not a traditional memoir, but rather a hodge-podge collection of personal essays, stories about her career and the people with whom she has worked and snippets of life advice. While the pages are […]