University backs down on request to purchase Somerville property

Tufts has suspended its efforts to purchase an apartment building located at 119 College Ave after learning that the City of Somerville would oppose the university’s proposal due to its direct conflict with the city’s comprehensive plan, according to Ward 7 Alderman Katjana Ballantyne. The university had intended to use the property to house different […]

Somerville revises housing ordinance, prepares for vote

University administrators and Somerville city aldermen collaborated to revise the city’s proposed University Accountability Ordinance during the Dec. 3 meeting of the Board of Aldermen’s Legislative Matters Committee. The proposed ordinance, which was initially introduced during the board’s Aug. 28 meeting, would require universities that have students living within Somerville limits to submit a list […]

Somerville responds to affordable housing crisis, urges Tufts to build more on-campus housing

In the coming weeks, the City of Somerville will be considering measures aimed at curbing one of its most pressing issues: a dwindling supply of affordable housing for its lower and middle-class residents, Mayor Joseph A. Curtatone announced on Oct. 15. Gentrification and a hot local real estate market have been driving up Somerville’s housing […]