Jumping Hurdles: Keeping clean

Last night, my housemate accidentally put dish soap in the dishwasher instead of actual dishwashing detergent. One hour of chaos, wet socks, laughter and foam ensued, along with a very spotless kitchen. A word of advice to all aspiring, trying-to-be-functional-adults: don’t ever put dish soap in your dishwasher. It will create more soap suds than you could […]

Residential Strategies Working Group proposes new housing plans on, off campus

The Residential Strategies Working Group (RSWG)  is now looking to implement its recommendations for student housing, which include offering more on-campus housing options for juniors and seniors, improving existing residential facilities and potentially charging different prices for different on-campus living arrangements. The RSWG initially presented its recommendations to University President Anthony Monaco and the Board […]

Medford proposes housing ordinance change requiring student addresses

The Medford City Council is considering amending its current housing ordinance to further enforce its current policy prohibiting more than three unrelated adults from living in one apartment unit. This addition comes in the form of an article entitled University and College Accountability, which would require the university to provide the city with the addresses, student statuses and graduation dates of all students living […]

University to reinstate off-campus housing coordinator position after five-year vacancy

The Residential Strategies Working Group (RSWG) is in the process of hiring a new off-campus housing (OCH) coordinator for the fall semester, following the elimination of the position five years ago. This coordinator will provide counsel, resources and on going support for undergraduate and graduate students regarding off-campus housing. The RSWG — which is led by the Provost and Senior Vice President David […]

Editorial: Campus housing situation is slow-burning crisis

In recent months, the administration has taken increased measures through students and faculty to gauge an understanding of desired housing options. The recently formed Residential Strategies Working Group (RSWG) is just one example of how Tufts administrators are working with students to create a realistic plan for housing both on-campus and off-campus. Additionally, the Office of […]

New working group formed to develop master plan for campus housing

A new university working group is in the process of gathering student feedback, assessing campus facilities and analyzing the overall residential experience at Tufts in preparation for the creation of a housing master plan by the end of the semester. The working group, comprised of Campus Planning, Facilities Services, the Office of Residential Life and Learning (ResLife), Student Affairs and the […]

Administration must plan for new dorms in light of growing political pressure

The new, massive Science and Engineering Complex (SEC) being erected near Bromfield-Pearson and Anderson Halls, which is slated for completion in 2017, as well as the recently completed 574 Boston Ave. building and the complex at 200 Boston Ave. that was completed in 2012, all display the university’s admirable commitment to developing its STEM programs. The question should […]

Off-campus housing fair, information sessions to address student housing concerns

The Office of Student Life will hold an Off-Campus Housing (OCH) Fair this Saturday afternoon to provide information to students about living off-campus, following a related information session held by the Sophomore Class Council last week. A number of different officials, including city inspectors, the Tufts fire marshal, Tufts University Police Department officers and landlords […]

Tufts in our Community: Symbiosis or Cancer?

An Open Letter to Tufts University President Anthony Monaco and the Board of Trustees At its best, Tufts University contributes to its Somerville and Medford host communities by opening events and exhibits to the public, hosting the annual Community Day, permitting use of some facilities to local groups, allowing residents to audit one class a […]

Somerville passes ordinance, mandates list of off-campus students

The Board of Aldermen of the City of Somerville recently voted unanimously to pass the Ordinance Regulating University Accountability. The ordinance requires Tufts to supply Somerville with a list of addresses of students living off campus each semester, as well as the number of students at each address and the graduating year of each student. The ordinance will go […]