More housing lottery numbers offered to juniors, seniors than beds available

Correction: A previous version of this article placed a quote by David Watts out of context. The article implied that Watts was referring to junior and senior housing assignments when he was, in fact, referring to housing assignments at the School at the Museum of Fine Arts (SMFA). The article has been updated to reflect […]

Office of Residential Life hosts off-campus housing resource fair, discusses options for students

Residential Life (ResLife) hosted an off-campus housing resource fair on Oct. 21. While first-years and sophomores are required to have on-campus housing, juniors and seniors are not guaranteed university housing and must either acquire on-campus housing with a high lottery number or search for off-campus options in the neighborhoods surrounding Tufts. Angy Sosa, the assistant […]

How the community houses Tufts, Part 1

Tufts is enrolling more students than ever — Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences James Glaser reported during a faculty meeting on Oct. 24, 2018, that the university will continue to increase the size of each first-year class by about 100 students for another two years. “One of the keys to financial sustainability […]

Q&A: Assistant Director of Housing Operations Angelic Sosa discusses housing issues

Housing at Tufts is nothing if not complicated. With the creation of CoHo, the introduction of the tiered housing system and the upcoming move of first-years from Houston Hall to Miller Hall, there is a need for more clarity, information and assistance. Tufts hired a new assistant director of housing operations, Angelic Sosa, in the summer of 2018. A reporter from the […]

Tufts launches new off-campus housing website

The Office of Residential Life and Learning (ResLife) has launched a new off-campus housing website to serve as a one-stop-shop for students seeking off-campus housing in Medford, Somerville and Boston, according to an email sent to all students by ResLife. The site is available to all undergraduate and graduate students in the Schools of Arts, Sciences & Engineering (AS&E), […]

Capen Village plans approved, development on schedule

Plans for Capen Village, a cluster of houses owned by Tufts that will be available as housing options for juniors and seniors starting next fall, will continue on schedule after approval by the Medford Zoning Board of Appeals on Jan. 11, according to Associate Director of Housing Operations Matt Austin. Karla Chaffee, a member of the Medford Zoning […]

Editorial: The importance of long-awaited housing reforms

The vast majority of Tufts students have dealt first-hand with the inefficiencies and frustration that pervade the Tufts housing system. If you are a first-year, you will have to wait until well into spring semester to find out where and with whom you are living. If you are applying for group housing, your friend groups […]

Medford City Council passes ordinance requiring Tufts to submit off-campus addresses

Medford City Council unanimously passed the University and College Accountability ordinance yesterday, which requires Tufts to provide the city with an anonymized list of all student-owned, -leased, -rented or -operated properties in Medford. The list of addresses must be provided on a per-semester basis. The ordinance applies to any postsecondary institution in Medford. Similar ordinances are already […]

Tufts-Somerville relationship strained by issues of housing, social responsibility

Over the past several years, Somerville politicians have repeatedly criticized Tufts University on a number of issues, arguing that the school too often serves its own interests at the city’s expense. Tufts, according to several of Somerville’s aldermen, has expanded its reach into city neighborhoods, which has threatened housing affordability for local residents and clashed with […]

Off-Campus Explorations: West Somerville Neighborhood Association

Students who live in West Somerville may have received an informational pamphlet at the beginning of the school year from the West Somerville Neighborhood Association (WSNA), detailing the association’s devotion to preserving a safe, comfortable environment in residential West Somerville. West Somerville includes much of the original land on which Tufts University was founded, according to the City […]