Postgame Press: Trump and the changed sports-politics relationship

This has been a crazy week for sports, and most of the drama is due to comments from the White House. President Trump’s first statement came around a week ago during a rally, according to the Chicago Tribune, with Trump saying “Wouldn’t you love to see one of these NFL owners when somebody disrespects our […]

Vinny’s Variety Pack: NFC East draft needs, part two

Last Sunday was the first Sunday without football since September. If you read that sentence and said, “So what?” then we probably can’t be friends anymore. Football lovers, our weekends may be slightly depressing for a few more months, but at least our Thursdays can still be filled with football! This week we’ll talk about who […]

Vinny’s Variety Pack: NFC East draft needs, part 1

Fantasy football and regular football are finally over (hold it together, Vinny, don’t let ‘em see you cry). Unfortunately, that means that all we have for sports until August is regular season baseball. Can you believe it? Kickoff isn’t for another 31 weeks, if I did my math correctly. That means that we have six […]

The Coin Toss – Lucky (NFL) Week 13

Welcome to The Coin Toss, where I make some bold, unlikely predictions every week about some of your favorite professional sports. My flight was delayed three hours and I’m writing this article in an airport TGI Fridays, but no matter. The predictions must go on! First, let’s recap the last edition from two weeks ago. […]

Vinny’s Variety Pack: Week 6: trade talks

I’ve decided to spice up today’s column. It’s been six weeks, and all of the “sleeper” picks you were hot on before the season are like first-year Vinny thirty minutes after his Comp 11 class started … still asleep. However, it’s not time to throw away your season yet. As my mom always told me growing up, […]

Vinny’s Variety Pack: Week 5, the Brady bunch

Well, I hope you’re happy, Goodell. Deflategate was a disaster, but at least most of the football world got something out of it: NO TOM BRADY! What a great plan that turned out to be. The Pats are 3-1 and the chosen one returns this week. Look out, football world: Brady’s back and he’s about to set the […]

The Coin Toss: Week Three

Two weeks of NFL football have come and gone. We have seen everything from national anthem protests to a couple of Patriots wins (sans Brady), and another RGIII injury. Did you expect anything else? Those might have been predictable, but not every outcome is a certainty. There are surprise upsets, breakout performances and unexpected disappointments every week. I’m going […]