Weidner’s Words: Intangibles off the charts

As the NFL draft has come and gone once again, the scouts head back to the drawing board and begin their evaluations for next year. There are already different iterations of way-too-early 2020 mock drafts posted across Bleacher Report and Twitter. However, let’s pause for a second and take a look at how these scouts […]

Postgame Press: On being triumphant

Triumphant is one of my favorite words. In no situation is it better than when talking about an against-all-odds story in sports. Appalachian State, unranked, beating No. 5 Michigan at the Big House. Leicester City overcoming 5,000-to-1 odds to win the Premier League in 2015–16. The “Miracle on Ice” U.S. Olympic hockey team beating the Soviet Union […]

Postgame Press: Emotional and illogical

I am angry. I am steaming. Why? Absolutely no logical reason. That is why I love sports. For the past half hour, I have been reading articles about the NFL draft, which is scheduled for a little more than a week from now. Many of said articles are predicting that the Browns will draft a quarterback with […]