Nicholas Kristof discusses immigration, journalism at Hillel-sponsored lecture

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Nicholas Kristof presented a lecture on immigration largely focusing on individual narratives yesterday night for the annual Tufts Hillel Merrin Moral Voices Lecture. The event, titled “Covering Immigration In The Trump Era: An Evening With Award Winning New York Times Journalist Nicholas Kristof,” filled Cohen Auditorium to over half its capacity. Kristof, who […]

The Anti-Bostonian: The case for a LOUD introduction

I don’t hate necessarily hate you. Just accept that we’re different. When rooting for Boston athletics, you quintessentially cheer for the antithesis for my existence: a strong, anti-New York attitude. You root for the exceptional yet down-to-earth common man: Tom Brady with his 5.28 40-yard dash time, Bruins bruiser Shawn Thornton, or maybe psycho Joe Kelly. Hell, […]

When the wealthy are the majority: socioeconomic disparity at Tufts

On Jan. 18, the New York Times published an article titled “Some Colleges Have More Students from the Top 1 Percent than the Bottom 60,” in which Tufts University was ranked 10th in the United States on the list of colleges with the highest wealth disparities. The Times piece showed that this lack of diversity […]

Op-ed: What we can do about the ‘war on media’

The Tufts Daily Editorial Board wrote an instructive piece on the Trump administration’s “war on the media.” The writers detailed the offenses that both President Trump and his top advisors have committed against the press corps  —  focusing on the role of credible journalism in the reliance of our democracy on the relentless pursuit of truth. […]

Medical marijuana dispensary seeks to open Davis Square location

The City of Somerville sent out letters of non-opposition to four medical marijuana companies interested in opening locations in Somerville, according to an Oct. 6 press release from Somerville Mayor Joseph Curtatone. These letters clear the way for the companies to begin the permit process to open locations in Somerville. The non-opposition letters were sent after Curtatone received a letter […]

Team Q, LGBT Center present third annual ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ event

This Halloween weekend, Team Q and the LGBT Center’s event is BYOP — bring your own props. For the third year in a row, the groups are coming together to present “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” (1975) tonight at 9 p.m. in Barnum Hall Room 008, complete with a live performance and the audience participation for […]

Editorial: Why the obsession with Hillary’s health?

Last week, headlines about the presidential race took a sharp turn away from policy and merit and toward the supposedly fluctuant health of the Democratic presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton. Unable to escape controversy, Clinton found herself under intense scrutiny after almost fainting at a Sept. 11 memorial service, the result of a brief bout of pneumonia that left her tired […]

Editorial: College admission reforms should address high school pressure

The number of students, from middle school to graduate schools, are experiencing extreme stress, and its side effects are growing at an alarming rate. In an anonymous study conducted last spring at Irvington High School near Silicon Valley, Dr. Stuart Slavin of Saint Louis University School of Medicine found that over 54 percent of students showed moderate […]

Maligning millennials 102: the safe spaces edition

Last Saturday, March 21, the New York Times ran an op-ed by Judith Shulevitz titled “In College and Hiding From Scary Ideas” — naturally, several adults in my life immediately and gleefully passed it along to me. Essentially, Shulevitz argues, in a rather condescending manner, that students today tend to self-infantilize. They allegedly avoid what […]

Reflecting on #TheDress

It took the internet by storm. Granted, its fame was not unprecedented for cultural memes, but something was different about this phenomenon. People had no control over how they perceived it — their perceptions were totally unadulterated by social and cultural filters, relying solely on how their brains interpreted what their eyes showed them. So, was it […]