Op-Ed: Religious literacy is an integral part of international relations

If over 80 percent of the world identifies with a religion, why do government and business leaders often lack an understanding of its impact on society? Certainly, there are good reasons for why this is the case. Since most secular constitutions guarantee a government that is free of church influence, it is easier to ignore […]

‘Muslim at heart:’ Muslim students discuss experiences, relationships to their faith

Over the past month, the Daily sat down with four practicing Muslim students and asked them to share their stories and talk openly and honestly about their faith. The discussions were open-ended and the topics the students touched on included their thoughts about God, where they locate themselves within the Muslim community on campus, the Trump administration and […]

Karachi vs. Kansas: The reality of identity politics

Faryal (F): When we wrote our last column, we were relatively optimistic about the results of the presidential election. All the polls were saying it was going to be a Clinton win, but all of those polls were wrong. To say I was shocked when I saw the results is an understatement. I genuinely thought […]

Karachi vs. Kansas: Checking boxes

N (Natasha): So in the midst of my many anthropology readings, I’m starting to think about how individuality sometimes disappears when we look at a group or culture as a whole. But then again, it is rather impossible to refer to concepts without generalizing our terminology. Like, if you look at us, we’d probably look […]

Karachi vs. Kansas: Diversifying the modern Muslim

Faryal (F): When I was younger, I couldn’t grasp how large and diverse the Muslim population was around the world. We’re the second largest religion in the world and the fastest growing, yet I only knew the handful of Muslims who lived near Kansas City. Natasha (N): Growing up in Karachi, faith was always through my […]

The place for religious curiosity on campus

Like in many respects, the student body at Tufts University is relatively religiously diverse. According to a Tufts Chaplaincy survey conducted in Fall 2014, Tufts University students identify with more than 22 different religions. The Chaplaincy consistently attempts to promote interfaith awareness. This year, Tufts held its first ever interfaith awareness month. While the Chaplaincy does a […]

Tufts Muslim Student Association hosts ‘Spring into Islam’ event series

The Muslim Student Association (MSA) has been presenting its annual “Spring into Islam” event series throughout the past month, with its last public event, a cultural calligraphy night, occurring this Wednesday evening. The series has included workshops, discussions, interfaith programming, prayer services and cultural events to present various highlighted aspects of the religion to the larger Tufts community, according to MSA President Obaid […]

#OurThreeBoys commemorates three Sudanese-American victims

Tufts students gathered in Hotung Café on Friday to commemorate the lives of three Sudanese-American men who were murdered in Fort Wayne, Indiana on Feb. 24 — 23-year old Mohamedtaha Omar, 20-year old Adam Kamel Mekki and 17-year old Muhannad Adam Tairab. The purpose of the event, titled “Our Three Boys – Day of Remembrance,” was to “start having conversations about the intersections […]

A clockwork random

What’s a worse use of the word “random”? A girl, upon realizing she has the same name as the barista, saying, “OMG that is so random,” or a TSA agent motioning to a brown guy and saying, “You’ve been randomly selected”? The question matters in light of the recent Ahmed clock incident and the strained […]

Muslim students seek to dispel Islamophobia, build community around faith

Sophomore Umar Shareef stands in the main room of the Interfaith Center on on the afternoon of Friday, March 27. Behind him, four rows of men — comprised of both Tufts students and community members — stand shoulder-to-shoulder, barefoot on the red carpets that cover the floor. Two rows of women, many of whom wear […]