With ‘Showboat,’ Brian Newman showcases versatile range

Trumpet player and jazz singer Brian Newman has had a longstanding New York City career. For over 10 years, Newman’s role in the city’s nightlife has ranged from different venues, performances with pop superstars and a residency at the Rose Bar at Gramercy Park Hotel. He is the bread and butter of jazz in the city. But it […]

John Legend offers a new holiday classic with ‘A Legendary Christmas’

December is over a month away, but John Legend just gave music lovers an early Christmas gift. The talented singer celebrated another religious holiday (and earned an EGOT in the process) with his leading turn in NBC’s “Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert” on Easter Sunday this year. He’s kicking off the most wonderful time of the […]

‘On the Rvn’ shines in vocal experimentation, collaboration

Atlanta rapper Young Thug, born Jeffery Lamar Williams, is one of the most intriguing figures in hip-hop, representing a dichotomy of classic hip-hop appeal and the avant-garde. Young Thug’s eccentric vocals and lyrics combined with his unique, often androgynous personal style have made him the subject of both acclaim and rejection in the hip-hop world. The rapper remains unfazed by his […]

Timeless pop icon Cher releases perfect ABBA cover album ‘Dancing Queen’

Pop icons come and go — their domination of the music industry is usually marked by a few hit singles, successful tours and then a Las Vegas residency (just look at Lady Gaga). Many stars follow this formula, but rarely do they ever match their peak success later in their career — other than Céline Dion, […]

Senior Profile: Jason Mejia displays passion for music, people

In his four years at Tufts, graduating senior Jason Mejia has become beloved by so much of the Tufts community, simply by making it a priority to get to know as many people as possible. “I expected to know some people, but I didn’t expect to become the notable campus icon that I’ve come to […]

Tufts Creatives: Bang it!

Everyone knows that hitting things is fun. But for senior Pranav Menon, the Beatsmaster of Bangin’ Everything At Tufts (BEATs), it’s also a passion. Menon believes that by making music with commonplace items, rather than instruments, BEATs performances are much more exciting and immersive than typical concerts. So if you want to enjoy an incredible […]

The Art of Games: Music in games is an art by itself

One of the most overlooked aspects of a video game is its music. While most appreciate a good score in a game, I feel that the music in a game can completely change the player’s experience. The value of music is especially important for indie games. Oftentimes, the music makes up for less detailed graphics in setting […]

Tufts Jazz Orchestra features unique students in collaborative atmosphere

Playing at Scullers Jazz Club on Wednesday, March 14, the Tufts Jazz Orchestra added another performance to its already impressive repertoire. Currently composed of 14 students ranging from first-years to seniors, the group blends experience and talent and has a history of musical achievement. Led by Director Joel LaRue Smith since 1996, the Jazz Orchestra has toured […]

How streaming, mixtapes have changed the music landscape

“I think this is now Spotify’s entire world,” Darren Hemmings, the head of the digital marketing agency Motive Unknown, said. Hemmings is talking specifically about playlists and how streaming platforms support the playlist format of different songs from different artists over albums from one artist, but his statement applies to the entire music industry. Since streaming giants like Spotify, Apple […]

Tennis EP ‘We Can Die Happy’ marks a departure from duo’s earlier sound

Just eight months after the release of their fourth album “Yours Conditionally,” husband and wife duo Tennis are back at it with their most recent EP, “We Can Die Happy.” Featuring catchy riffs, profound lyrics and Alaina Moore’s ethereal vocals, the group’s five track release is an impressive creation, and it highlights the duo’s growth since their […]