Boys will be boys, at Yale, UVA, Tufts…

I wrote an article earlier this week about how the Greek community is working to prevent sexual assault through bystander intervention tactics. After writing it, I felt genuinely impressed by the self-awareness and self-criticism displayed by the members of the Inter-Greek Council (IGC) with whom I spoke. But I am concerned by the idea that Greek life […]

Two Tufts Climate Action students get reduced probation after appeal

Disciplinary action against two Tufts Climate Action (TCA) members for their involvement in the sit-in protest in University President Anthony Monaco’s office last April was reduced following an appeal hearing last Friday. The hearing was an appeal against the Disciplinary Probation Level II punishment that TCA members Shana Gallagher, a junior, and Dylan Carlson, a sophomore, had received for the Ballou Hall sit-in, resulting in a reduced punishment of […]

Student Affairs Office revises disciplinary sanctions, policies

The Student Judicial Process, which holds students and student organizations accountable for violations of university and local policies, was revised over the summer recess by the Student Affairs Office. According to Judicial Affairs Administrator Mickey Toogood, most of the process has remained the same, though the scheme of disciplinary sanctions has undergone significant revisions. The […]

Tufts Climate Action students penalized amid changes to judicial process

Returning members of Tufts Climate Action (TCA) who participated in last semester’s sit-in protest in Ballou Hall from April 22 to April 24 were placed on probation over the summer recess. Students were notified individually of the disciplinary action on May 15, a week after final exams ended. They were told that they had received varying levels of probation […]

Dean of Student Affairs Office to issue community judiciary report

The Dean of Student Affairs Office will release a community report of conduct and judicial sanctions within the School of Arts and Sciences and the School of Engineering next week, according to Dean of Student Affairs Mary Pat McMahon. She said the report will be the first of its kind issued by Tufts. The report will be a […]

Student advocates guide peers through judicial process

The Tufts Community Union Judiciary’s (TCU-J) Judicial Advocacy Program has been newly renovated in order to connect students facing disciplinary action with trained advocates to navigate Tufts’ judicial process and offer confidential and objective advice. The program, which was revived last semester through the collaboration of Judiciary Advocacy Chair Sophie Gomez and Judicial Affairs Administrator Mickey Toogood, […]