‘Toulouse-Lautrec and the Stars of Paris’ shines at the MFA

Given the recent fire that destroyed much of Notre Dame and its precious artifacts, the whole world is looking to Paris. Amidst all the devastation, there is still much to Parisian art and culture that one can appreciate right in Boston. The Museum of Fine Arts Boston (MFA)’s current exhibition in collaboration with the Boston […]

Do it this weekend: April 5–7

There’s only about a month left in this semester, and in the home stretch the going can get boring. If you need a break from finishing your thesis or preparing final presentations, check out these artsy events this weekend below. Friday, April 5 “Wicked Queer” at the Brattle Theater This week brings independent film festival […]

MFA commemorates Lunar New Year with festive celebration

In honor of the Year of the Pig, the Museum of Fine Arts (MFA) held Lunar New Year celebration last Saturday, Feb. 9. In addition to free admission, the museum offered events celebrating the new year and traditions from China, Korea and Vietnam. The MFA itself hosted some of these talks and activities, such as […]

MFA hosts the Boston Festival of Films from Japan

From Feb. 1 to Feb. 28, the Museum of Fine Arts (MFA) presents the Boston Festival of Films from Japan. The featured films represent various genres, including animation, fiction and documentary films. The films also touch on a variety of themes and subjects. Two films, specifically “Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms” (2018) and “Shoplifters” (2018), explore […]

‘Ansel Adams in Our Time’: Between us and nature

The very same Museum of Fine Arts (MFA) gallery that hosted Takashi Murakami’s “Superflat” monsters and 19th century Japanese paintings last year is now, as the site for the exhibition “Ansel Adams in Our Time,” temporarily home to the transcendentalist photographs of Ansel Adams (1902–1984) and those who came before and after him. Once again, the MFA weaves through […]

Graciela Iturbide’s ‘Mexico’ offers a touching, intimate look at Mexico and its people

For the last couple of months, the “Ansel Adams: In Our Time” exhibit has been the buzz of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (MFA), but there is a second, smaller but arguably more impressive and impactful, photography exhibit at the MFA right now. It is Graciela Iturbide’s “Mexico:” an intimate and stunning collection of Graciela […]

Boston museums offer immersive, fun ‘First Fridays’ events

Boston’s art museums and centers have made Thursdays and Fridays great times for guests to enjoy these spaces outside of regular hours. Many of these events offer live entertainment, special screenings and, depending on the museum, drinks in order to elevate the typical art experience during (as the name would suggest) the first Friday or […]

‘Cecilia Vicuña: Disappeared Quipu’ reclaims ancient culture of the Andes

Over the past 50 years, Cecilia Vicuña has been fascinated by the quipu, an ancient Incan device used by the aboriginal people of the Andes to record both history and narratives, as well as the various transactions of everyday life. The centerpiece of Vicuña’s latest show, from Oct. 20 to Jan. 21, 2019 at the Museum […]

Lorraine O’Grady’s ‘Miscegenated Family Album’ at the MFA turns ancient works contemporary

The Museum of Fine Arts (MFA)’s current exhibition “Lorraine O’Grady: Family Gained” commemorates the museum’s acquisition of O’Grady’s work, “Miscegenated Family Album” (1980/1994). O’Grady currently lives in New York, but she was brought up in Boston. The artist calls her work “concept-based,” and the MFA’s current show of “Miscegenated Family Album” consists entirely of photo […]

‘Scarred Hearts’ surveys into the universal destination of human life

The Museum of Fine Arts is hosting five screenings of the 2016 Romanian film “Scarred Hearts,” directed by Radu Jude, from Sept. 2–16. Adapted from the Romanian author Max Blecher’s biographical novel of the same name, the film portrays the experience of Emanuel (Lucian Teodor Rus), a hospitalized Romanian college student who suffers from Pott […]