Graciela Iturbide’s ‘Mexico’ offers a touching, intimate look at Mexico and its people

For the last couple of months, the “Ansel Adams: In Our Time” exhibit has been the buzz of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (MFA), but there is a second, smaller but arguably more impressive and impactful, photography exhibit at the MFA right now. It is Graciela Iturbide’s “Mexico:” an intimate and stunning collection of Graciela […]

The Equalizer: The glory of the World Cup

It’s here, it’s happening and I know, we’re not going, but we were never going to make it past the round of 16 anyway, right? The FIFA World Cup kicks off on June 14, thus commencing the most popular sporting event in human history. There are too many storylines to count. This is Messi’s last […]

Could Trump endanger the 2026 World Cup bid?

Amidst the United States men’s national team’s (USMNT) horrific World Cup qualifying campaign and the consequently chaotic U.S. Soccer presidential election, the United States’ joint bid (with Mexico and Canada) to host the 2026 World Cup has largely been left alone. Competing against Morocco — which would be only the second African country, after South Africa […]

The power of student protest

Younger generations are a significant threat to oppressive regimes. A driving force behind revolution, the student population is both at risk of repression and formidable in its opposition. Far too often student protests end in bloodshed and government crackdown. We were reminded of the risk and significance of student protests by the death of fourteen-year-old Kluiver Roa […]