Op-Ed: On TDC and Mental Illness

Content warning: This article addresses mental illness and mentions suicide and self-harm. We are writing to you as the two choreographers of a Tufts Dance Collective (TDC) dance that touches upon the topic of mental health. Through this piece, we hope to elucidate our intentions and clarify any misunderstandings about our dance. Both of us […]

Mind the Gap: Depression 2.0

It’s been a while since I familiarized myself with the different faces of depression: Some people go on showing few symptoms and functioning so highly that they are hard to identify as depressed, while others’ illnesses snowball until they leave the afflicted unable to fulfill their roles in society. The latter was me during my sophomore year […]

Mind the Gap: Sometimes you just don’t get settled

When I got back onto campus after a year off for medical leave to treat my depression and anxiety, I had so much energy. The first week I was back, I tackled huge tasks: cleaning out a fridge and pantry overridden with ghosts of tenants past, arranging my room and then re-arranging and re-arranging. When […]

Op-Ed: On the stigma of depression (Part 2)

Editor’s correction: The subheading of the first part of this Op-Ed, “On the stigma of depression (Part 1),” which appeared in print on The Tufts Daily on March 29, mistakenly indicates that the author suffered from eating disorders.  Trigger Warning: Topics pertaining to self harm, depression and sexual assault At some point no one could take the responsibility for […]

Op-Ed: On the stigma of depression (Part 1)

I think anyone who has been through a mental illness wants to spare other people the harm, and I hope that by sharing my story, I can generate some awareness regarding this matter. I was around ten when my mental illness began. For a year I was up all night, every night, nauseous and convinced that […]

‘Next to Normal’ inspires striking combination of awe and discomfort

Theater is most exhilarating when the actors’ emotions aren’t confined to the stage. It’s best when the audience is invited, or rather, forced into the story. The Tufts Department of Drama and Dance’s run of the musical “Next to Normal” does just that. It’s refreshing that at a school like Tufts, where the audience is no stranger to the discussion […]

Tufts Drama and Dance’s production of ‘Next to Normal’ addresses stigma of mental illness

With book and lyrics by Brian Yorkey and music by Tom Kitt, “Next to Normal” (2008) is a celebrated rock musical that tells the story of suburban mother Diana Goodman’s struggle with bipolar disorder. The production emphasizes that mental illness is rarely a solitary experience and explores its impact on families. The outstanding execution and […]

Wearing my heart on my sleeve (and my backpack)

My backpack’s got two pins affixed to its straps, each displaying whom I care about most. Its left side sports one saying “World’s Greatest Dad;” its right, “1 in 4.” Let me clarify: I’m not actually a father, but a surrogate of sorts. My floormates conferred me the title of “Floor Dad” last semester (for […]