‘Election’ proves eerily relevant 20 years after its release

Content warning: This article mentions sexual harassment. In the original trailer of “Election” (1999), the narrator speaks the words, “if you are one of the millions of Americans who still believes that honesty, integrity and fidelity are the cornerstones of our democracy, we suggest you wait for another preview before getting your popcorn.” If the lessons in […]

Senior Profile: Lorenza Ramirez pursues career in political organizing

In fall 2014, graduating senior Lorenza Ramirez arrived at Tufts as the first in her family to attend college. She has not slowed down ever since. While at Tufts, Ramirez has taken classes in three separate languages, interned at the Pentagon, worked multiple part-time jobs simultaneously and graduated a semester early to work full-time on Senator Elizabeth Warren‘s […]

The 617: MA Criminal Justice Bill

Governor Charlie Baker signed a new bill on criminal justice into law on Friday, April 13. In it, minor offenses are decriminalized, minor offenses are diverted from prosecution and bail is reduced. Importantly, mandatory minimums for non-opiate, non-weight retail drug offenses are repealed or limited. Contrary to this, mandatory minimums for opioid trafficking were increased. This […]

The 617: Congressional Races

2018 is the year Democrats are aiming to “flip the House.” With all 435 House of Representatives seats up for re-election, it’s the perfect opportunity for Democrats to garner support against President Trump and secure the House. With Republican leaders like Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-WI) and Representative Trey Gowdy (R-SC) deciding not […]

The 617: Patriots’ Day

On Monday, April 16, the state of Massachusetts will shut down its schools and offices. While many of us simply appreciate the day off, there is a reason behind our marathon-watching and lounging around. Patriots’ Day is a holiday celebrated only in Maine and Massachusetts (although Maine’s punctuation implies only one Patriot), always on the […]

The 617: Fight for $15

The fight for a higher minimum wage engulfs cities and states across the country. With the federal minimum wage at $7.25 an hour, city and state municipalities have taken it upon themselves to set more livable minimum wages for their citizens. Massachusetts is tied for the second highest minimum wage in the country at $11 an […]

The 617: Why local politics matter

In the era of Trump-driven news cycles, everything else can seem to get swept under the rug. Local news stations constantly discuss Mueller’s Russia investigation or controversial tweets from President Trump. But there’s more to politics and news than the gossipy headlines from Washington, D.C. While the Russia investigation or tweets from the President may […]

Tufts hosts activists, Mass. gubernatorial candidate for panel discussion

Generation Citizen, a non-profit civic education group, hosted a panel discussion about advocacy on Tuesday night featuring speakers including Massachusetts gubernatorial candidate Jay Gonzalez, the former Massachusetts Secretary of Administration and Finances. The event, co-sponsored by the Jonathan M. Tisch College of Civic Life, also included American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Massachusetts Field Director Matt Allen as […]

Newton mayor, governor hopeful discusses his state policy vision

Setti Warren, two-term mayor of Newton, spoke about his experience and legacy as a public servant and his goals for state policy at an event on Tuesday night in Paige Hall. While Warren, who is reportedly considering a run for governor of Massachusetts as a Democrat, has not made an official announcement, he told the Daily that […]

Legalizing marijuana in Massachusetts: Where local legislators stand

Last November, Massachusetts voters passed a ballot initiative legalizing recreational marijuana for people above the age of 21. Now state legislators representing Medford and Somerville are determining how best to implement the voters’ will. The Massachusetts Legislature has formed a Committee on Marijuana Policy, made up of members of the State Senate and House of Representatives. […]