Tufts community members talk alternative music, queer visibility in Middle Eastern cities

In a scene from a 1980s Turkish “Yeşilçam” film, trans diva Bülent Ersoy walks down the street, sporting a grey fur coat and diamond earrings. A little boy in his school uniform points toward Ersoy and asks his mother “Is Bülent Ersoy a man or a woman?” The scene cuts into a close up of Ersoy, who […]

Lebanese indie band Mashrou’ Leila shows politics can be sexy at Cambridge gig

The line outside The Sinclair on Sunday, Oct. 22 was almost unprecedented for the relatively small venue. Those in the crowd were mostly college students, and they spoke in several languages including English, Arabic, French and Turkish. Although the headliner, Mashrou’ Leila, isn’t very popular in the United States, the band has gained cult status among the Middle […]

Mashrou’ Leila, Lebanese alt-rock band, electrifies on first U.S. tour

The atmosphere was electric at the Middle East in Cambridge on Monday night as Lebanese alternative rock band Mashrou’ Leila played the second show of its debut U.S. tour. Blue, green, red and purple lights colored an empty stage, illuminating the instruments and mics. The crowd restlessly waited for the band to finally make its appearance. When […]