Red, White and True: Where have you gone, Paul Ryan?

“You cannot be a hero without being a coward.” –George Bernard Shaw In this election season, no duo has received more criticism than the ‘reasonable’ members of the Republican party, Marco Rubio and Paul Ryan. These two figureheads for a younger conservative movement have been publicly lambasted as “Trump lapdogs,” rolling over in the wake […]

The Arena: Closing time

I remember sending in my first column for “The Arena” last September. When the Daily accepted my proposal, I think I let it get to my head. I figured I would drop knowledge bombs and be the campus Nate Silver crossed with Jon Stewart crossed with Brad Pitt. But this election process made me feel more […]

Enigma and the Tufts Daily Political Climates Survey shows little faith in the election process among students

Dean of Jonathan M. Tisch College of Civic Life Alan Solomont may as well have coined the term “civic life” at Tufts, as it relates to millennials and students in higher education. It’s a phrase that encompasses students engaging on a daily basis in political issues such as discourse and participation in voting, non-profit work and public service. Recently, […]

The Arena: Rubiover

With the internship season rolling around, resume-fudging is at its peak. You never know what special skill will get you that gig with Google. But if you’re looking for accomplishments to put on your résumé, look no further than the Republican primaries. You (and I) both earned as many delegates as Marco Rubio did on […]

The Arena: Don with the win

I’ve never been a particularly great poker player; I just don’t have the patience not to go all in after a few hands. As loyal readers of “The Arena” (Hi mom!) will know, I’ve been pretty set on Marco Rubio and Hillary Clinton as the inevitable nominees. I’m doing well with my Hillary Clinton pick, […]

The Arena: Bush league

Raise your hand if you had Donald Trump and John Kasich lasting longer than Jeb Bush in this campaign. Nobody? Didn’t think so. Jeb Bush was by no means a shoo-in to win his nomination, but the manner in which he lost was shocking. Political science departments across the country will start including his failed […]

Applications for president now open: zero years political experience required

Any job, even at the entry level, seems to now require five years minimum of experience. And yet, in the race to fill America’s highest office, voters shun experienced politicians now more than ever. The term “career politician” carries the connotation of a power-hungry, wealthy individual who treats politics like a business and cozies up […]

Why free college isn’t as radical as you think

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders wants to make public colleges tuition-free, as do many other ultra-liberal policy makers and citizens. The plan is often lambasted by other politicians, including the other Democratic candidates, for being too idealistic, too radical and above all unfeasible. But do these claims actually have any support? Almost every major player in […]

Our candidates and the problem of climate change

The earth is on fire. Well, it’s not actually – but it may as well be. According to preliminary data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the globe experienced its warmest year on record in 2015, eclipsing the old record set in 2014. Indeed, 2015 was nearly 0.90 degrees Celsius, or 1.57 degrees […]

Cruz control?

November was an awful month for turkeys, the Philadelphia 76ers and perhaps most of all, Dr. Ben Carson. He went from top in the polls to 15 points behind Donald Trump in all of three weeks. Referring to Hamas, the Palestinian political organization viewed by the United States as a terrorist group, as “hummus,” a […]