Registrar launches new degree audit system

JoAnn Jack, registrar of the Schools of Arts and Sciences and Engineering, announced in an Oct. 31 email to students that the first phase of the new academic advising tool and degree audit system is now available for students and advisors on SIS. Students can access the new degree audit system under the “Academic – […]

Faculty to vote on new primary major in environmental studies

A new primary major for Environmental Studies (ENVS) may be available to students beginning in the fall 2018 semester, pending a vote by the Faculty of Arts and Sciences in May, Dr. Colin Orians, Director of the Environmental Studies program and professor of biology, said. According to Orians, this follows approval for the new major by the Committee […]

Computer science department works to meet growing student demand

The Department of Computer Science (CS) has seen an enormous increase in the number of students taking CS courses over the last five years. Last fall, computer science was determined the most commonly declared major, according to Department Chair Kathleen Fisher. According to Fisher, as an increasing number of students pursue majors and minors in CS and a growing number of students outside […]

Jersey over Apron: Major in basketball

The entire premise of higher education is to allow for the mind to explore and develop, and to provide a place for students to discover their true passions to prepare them for their professional careers. That’s what we’ve all been told right? So why don’t colleges allow for their student-athletes to major in their sport? […]

Op-ed: Mama knows best

As I held my grandmother Ivy’s aging hands during my last visit home, her melodious Kriol voice filled her bedroom on the south side of Chicago with its characteristic Caribbean warmth. Speaking with her is always a pleasure that I thoroughly indulge in because she has always fed me with so much rich history about […]

Students, faculty discuss new Science, Technology and Society program at Student Summit

Students and faculty gathered in the Sophia Gordon Multipurpose Room last Thursday for a Student Summit on the new Science, Technology and Society (STS) program, which was introduced this semester to provide students with an interdisciplinary approach to study topics in science and technology as well as their effects on society. Last week’s summit provided a forum for interested students and alumni […]

TCU Senate Education Committee looks to initiate new language minors

After conducting a survey earlier this month to gauge student interest in major and minor programs, the Tufts Community Union (TCU) Senate Education Committee is working to use survey results to advocate for the creation of new major and minor programs for undergraduate students. According to Rati Srinivasan, chair of the Education Committee, areas emphasized in the 268 […]

The myth of college exploration

There are certain tidbits of advice that we hear repeated from a variety of different people we encounter. As soon as I reached college age, there was one recommendation that I heard so frequently that it became a truth rather than a suggestion, and I was determined to listen. After the university I attend came […]