Senior Profile: Jason Mejia displays passion for music, people

In his four years at Tufts, graduating senior Jason Mejia has become beloved by so much of the Tufts community, simply by making it a priority to get to know as many people as possible. “I expected to know some people, but I didn’t expect to become the notable campus icon that I’ve come to […]

Jumbo Steps: 12 going on 20

I’ve never really been one to broadcast when it’s my birthday. In fact, I’ve always tried to downplay the annual occasion — the last time I planned a birthday party for myself was when I turned 12. It’s not that my birthday isn’t special to me. It’s just that I’ve never been compelled to parade about […]

Incorporating computer system, Mail Services aims to provide efficient operations

Tufts Mail Services, which is located in Hill Hall, provides package and mail handling services for the entire campus. Sheila Chisholm, the Support and Administrative Services manager of Mail Services, has been at Tufts for 34 years and has seen the Mail Services operation evolve dramatically. “It’s a very efficient process,” Chisholm said. “Before…we had a […]