Top 10 albums of 2018

This year’s music releases have taken listeners across every range of emotion, from soaring ballads to hard-hitting rap, country pop and disco to slow-burning R&B. It is a year of well-written lyrics — the best albums are not only the ones that feel personal and raw, but also those that are able to maintain honest songwriting while branching […]

2018 summer music roundup

Summer 2018 was full of surprise releases, a standalone popstar, viral dance challenges and fantastic comebacks. In no particular order, this roundup highlights some of this summer’s best music. Honorable mentions include Ariana Grande’s “Sweetener”, Drake’s “Scorpion”, Travis Scott’s “ASTROWORLD” and, of course, the soundtrack for “Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again.” Florence + The Machine: “High […]

Mac Miller is back — and that’s a good thing

Oh Mac Miller, how we missed thee. The Pittsburgh rapper came back in full force this week with the release of his third studio album “GO:OD AM.” The piece is a departure from the more melancholy, depressing songs that populated “Faces” (2014) and “Watching Movies with the Sound Off” (2013). Hip-hop fans may remember the […]

Mac Miller displays newfound energy, endearing contradictions on ‘GO:OD AM’

To try and understand Mac Miller, it’s somewhat necessary to understand the conversations people are having about him. One might start by mentioning some of the talked-about contradictions of the young, white rapper from Pittsburgh: Miller has been able to flaunt his white-Jewishness like a badge of honor and make a name for himself, but he has […]