On the Spot / Outside the Boot: What a year

What a year it’s been. From Chelsea’s meltdown to Leicester’s meteoric rise, it’s been a magical year. Thankfully it continues in the summer with the various regional tournaments. We’ve taken some of your questions and added our own as we look back at yet another amazing season. Best Moments of the Season Ryan: Jamie Vardy’s record […]

On the Spot: Why the world is thankful for Johan Cruyff

“In a way, I’m probably immortal.” In the 14th minute of the Netherlands-France friendly on Friday, the world stopped to pay tribute to a maverick. Johan Cruyff was perhaps the most famous player to have ever donned the No. 14 shirt, at a time when most players in the first team wore the standard 1 through […]

On the Spot: Why Louis van Gaal needs to go

At some point, one wonders if the Theatre of Dreams has turned into a theatre of nightmares. Or if dreams even exist anymore at Old Trafford. Twenty-six years of attacking football under Alex Ferguson may have given Manchester United fans a right to demand attacking football. Even under David Moyes, United tried to keep to the […]