Letter from the editor to the Class of 2022

Congrats. You’ve successfully become one of us, many moons after hitting that “submit” button on the Common Application. So give yourself a pat on the back and buckle up before you start the first chapter in your Jumbo life. Oh, and don’t forget to say goodbye to sweet and bitter things you’ve known, whether they be […]

Letter from the editor: Introducing our columnists

Today marks a milestone in every semester for The Tufts Daily — the start of daily production. From now on, you’ll be able to start every weekday by picking up a copy of the Daily. And with the first week of daily production now underway, so comes the first week of Daily columns. It is […]

Letter from the editor

Dear members of the Tufts community, Today, as we celebrate the graduation of the Class of 2017, we look both to what lies ahead and what we’ve left behind. As a graduating senior who has devoted her last year of school to this publication, reflecting on the Daily’s work is a personal experience. This is simultaneously […]

Letter from the editor: Introducing our columnists

Dear Daily readers, Today is an important day for both you, our readers, and those of us who spend our nights and early mornings in the basement office producing the paper you’re now holding. Today is the day we start daily production, meaning you’ll wake up each morning secure in the knowledge that there will […]

Letter from the Editors

Hello Tufts, and welcome back to another semester! We, the spring 2017 managing board of the Tufts Daily, are writing to introduce ourselves and lay out some of our goals for the semester, which include carrying on with groundwork laid by our fall predecessors and launching several initiatives of our own. Last semester, the Daily […]

Letter from the Editor

Dear members of the Tufts community, This semester has been one with many ups and downs, both at Tufts and on the Daily. As our current managing board, made up entirely of graduating seniors, prepare to enter the real world, we look back on the legacy that we have helped build at this paper. We […]

Complaint is the granny of change

Dear readers, I am really thankful for my close friends who have patiently put up with my existence at Tufts since August 2014. Besides my rapturous sense of humor and my profuse sarcasm, which are hard not to love, I am a complainer. Those who know me well can testify to that. Sometimes, I am […]

On Writing Op-Eds

Dear readers, When I first took on the new role as an Executive Op-Ed Editor, my first challenge was recruiting new staff for the Opinion section. I was worried that not a lot of students would want to apply to be regular writers. Why sign up for more deadlines on top of our unceasing flow of assignments and social […]

Letter from the Editor

Welcome back to the Hill, Tufts! We hope all of you have had a restorative holiday and are ready for the semester ahead of us. I am so excited to spend my last semester at Tufts with the Daily, working alongside tireless and brilliant individuals, many of whom spent winter break working on projects and […]

Letter from the Editor

On Oct. 13, a Jumbo Beat blog post called “The Perks of Dating a Foreign Student” was published. It has since been removed due to its offensive content. This piece exoticized whole portions of Tufts’ student body. It was blatantly exclusionary in the audience it sought to address — namely, domestic students with U.S. citizenship. It […]