Letter from the editor to the Class of 2022

Congrats. You’ve successfully become one of us, many moons after hitting that “submit” button on the Common Application. So give yourself a pat on the back and buckle up before you start the first chapter in your Jumbo life. Oh, and don’t forget to say goodbye to sweet and bitter things you’ve known, whether they be […]

Letter from the Editor

As I prepared to start this semester, and to take the helm of The Tufts Daily, I won’t deny I was nervous. I was concerned that I would not be able balance the weight of a nearly 40-year-old-daily publication, a staff of around 200 and a commitment to paint an accurate and representative portrait of the […]

Letter from the Editor

In a democratic society, citizens not only have the obligation to make daily decisions that influence their neighbors but also the power to make change. Every day, we see examples big and small of people using their voices to force those in power to listen. Recently, the collective voices of hundreds of women started a national conversation […]

Letter from the editor

Pause. Take a moment. Think about where you are right now. And I’m not talking about the path next to the Cannon between Ballou and Goddard as you get ready to say goodbye to your family and friends who helped you move in this morning. No, I’m talking about this exciting new stage in your life. […]

Letter from the Editor

After another very fast summer, we’re all back on campus for another very fast year. For many of us, myself included, it’s the last year we’ll spend at Tufts, so there’s a fair amount of pressure to make it count. For me, making the first half of my last year count will mean doing a good job at the […]

Letter from the Editor to the Class of 2019

Every now and again, I’ll hear somebody say, “You learn something new every day!” In general, this exclamation follows the transmission of an interesting but ultimately useless kernel of information. The last time I used the expression, for example, was when I learned that snakes don’t have eyelids. It’s a saying that often seems to […]

Letter from the Editor-in-Chief

Hello, Tufts! Welcome back to the Hill. The last few weeks provided some much-needed rest for Daily editors, writers and photographers, but while, as individual humans, we may have been lounging around in our pajamas sipping cocoa, the paper itself has not been resting. The renovation and re-launch of the Daily’s website at the end […]

Letter from the Editor-In-Chief – 9.3.14

Welcome back to all students, faculty, staff and administrators as we start another semester on the Hill. Hopefully you’ve all had enjoyable summer breaks and are settling back in nicely. Despite not publishing any papers, the Daily has been pretty active throughout the summer, and we have some major changes coming your way. According to […]