Weidner’s Words: Business of the NBA

NBA Twitter exploded over last week’s frenzy of trade rumors — most notably, Anthony Davis wanting to leave the New Orleans Pelicans. It all tipped off on Monday when Davis told the team that he wanted to be traded to a championship-contending team, and his agent Rich Paul informed the Associated Press that he would […]

Kevin Love discusses mental health activism at The New York Times event

Content warning: This article discusses mental health. Five-time All-Star and NBA champion Kevin Love discussed his experience coping with mental health issues at a discussion in Cohen Auditorium on Nov. 29. Moderated by The New York Times sports columnist Juliet Macur, the talk was part of a series of Times-backed conversations, titled “Get with the Times,” dedicated […]

Postgame Press: Ultimate question: GOAT or BOAT?

This is it. Today is the day. To all my avid readers: I know you have always wondered how I feel about the Jordan-LeBron debate. You must wait no longer. Who is the GOAT? It is one of the most highly-debated topics in sports. It seems inevitable that this will come up when a conversation […]

The Anti-Bostonian: The case against Jayson Tatum … right now

Just stop. Jayson Tatum is not better than Ben Simmons. Stop the homerism and hold onto this thought. Every October, basketball fans emerge from their hibernation like the first tinges of dew lightly coating the morning grass on Tufts’ Residential Quad. They traipse through the dew and find themselves with wet feet, now fully committed to the season […]

Weidner’s Words: The problem with max contracts

The NBA playoffs are in full swing, and the fans of the 16 teams still in the mix get to hope and pray that somehow this could be their year. For the rest of us fans from teams on the outside looking in, we get to read a million articles about mock drafts and NBA free […]

Weidner’s Words: A players’ league

The NFL Scouting Combine took place over the past week, where most of the draft locks and hopefuls hope to impress teams with their athleticism and skill. Central Florida linebacker Shaquem Griffin stole the show with the fastest 40-yard dash time for a linebacker in more than a decade, running it in 4.38 seconds. Behind all the […]

Postgame Press: Do it for the fans

While watching sports, it is easy to forget that the games are, at heart, put on for the fans. This is not to say that the players have no love for the game, or even that those higher up in the organizations do not love it. It simply means that we, the fans, are the […]

Weidner’s Words: Don’t stick to sports

“We will definitely not shut up and dribble.” This was LeBron James’ first public comment since he received criticism from Fox News host Laura Ingraham for speaking out on political issues. In her segment, Ingraham specifically refers to an Uninterrupted video series in which LeBron and Kevin Durant criticized President Trump. She took the opportunity to […]

Postgame Press: Like it or not, hardware makes your legacy

Sports reflect society in many ways. One way that has been pressing on my mind recently is the critical focus on concrete accomplishments. Just as it is in school or work, titles and end results in sports are what define legacies. While a student looks for an ‘A’ or a worker wants a higher-up title, […]

Postgame Press: Superteams are super annoying

The NBA is back, bringing a new season of dunks, blocks and stardom. In fact, this looks like more talented basketball than I have seen in a while (see Giannis Antetokounmpo). It is nearly impossible to talk about the NBA, however, without talking about its most hated topic: superteams. Superteams are formed, not built. Stars […]