Off-Campus Explorations: West Somerville Neighborhood Association

Students who live in West Somerville may have received an informational pamphlet at the beginning of the school year from the West Somerville Neighborhood Association (WSNA), detailing the association’s devotion to preserving a safe, comfortable environment in residential West Somerville. West Somerville includes much of the original land on which Tufts University was founded, according to the City […]

Fire safety still an important issue in choosing off-campus housing

Tufts students who decide to live off campus after their first two years of college have a lot on their plates when securing apartments. The list includes dealing with high rent prices, obeying local housing laws and finding apartments that meet proper fire safety regulations. Recently, the Medford and Somerville housing ordinances have banned more […]

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor: We were extremely disappointed to read the large number of errors, inaccuracies and misrepresentations in an article characterizing Tufts Medical Center’s relationship with the Chinatown community (“Boston Chinatown’s gentrification linked historically to Tufts Medical Center’s expansion,” published Dec. 3, 2014). The article presents outdated information as if it was current, confuses actions […]