Stat Talk: A disenchanted NBA fan’s playoff preview

As a die-hard basketball fan, I want to be excited for the NBA playoffs. But a fatalistic dread is creeping in, a feeling that has become familiar since the summer of 2016. Beyond watching our hometown teams lift the Larry O’Brien trophy, all that fans really want to see is legitimate competition: the thrill of a tightly […]

Weidner’s Words: Load Management

In a recent interview with Frank Isola of The Athletic, Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant discussed Zion Williamson and the current state of the Lakers. What was particularly interesting was his take on “load management.” Load management is a new term that keeps popping up for players who sit out games simply to rest. It’s […]

Postgame Press: Like it or not, hardware makes your legacy

Sports reflect society in many ways. One way that has been pressing on my mind recently is the critical focus on concrete accomplishments. Just as it is in school or work, titles and end results in sports are what define legacies. While a student looks for an ‘A’ or a worker wants a higher-up title, […]

Under the Lights: California dreaming

The team that provides the most pleasurable rooting experience in sports today is not a contender for any kind of championship this season. It does not feature anything close to a real superstar, a player who can transcend the entire experience of watching a team with their remarkable acts of athleticism on the field or court. […]

Under the Lights: The playoffs problem

On Saturday, something of an annual tradition took place on a field in Chicago: Clayton Kershaw got rocked in a playoff game. The Los Angeles Dodgers’ ace pitcher gave up four earned runs over five innings pitched in Game Six of the team’s 5-0 elimination loss to the World Series-bound Chicago Cubs in the National League […]

Kobe’s New Role

Kobe Bryant, arguably the greatest to ever play the game, is heading into his 20th season this year with the Los Angeles Lakers. His upcoming season with the Lakers will be the longest stint of any player with one franchise in NBA history, but will likely be very different for Bryant and the Lakers. An interview with Lakers head coach Byron […]

Toronto and Memphis top their respective conferences

It was an action-packed week in the NBA. With most teams playing their 10th game of the 2014-2015 season, there are some surprising winners as well as a team that still hasn’t been able to earn its first victory. The Toronto Raptors lead the Eastern Conference this week with eight wins and two losses, followed by the Washington […]