Controversial incidents prompt student outcry, administration response

After a series of incidents across campus, including eggings and vandalism, stoked controversy among students, senior administration officials responded in a campus-wide email last Friday outlining their support for an accepting campus culture. The incidents mentioned in the email, titled “Affirming our Values and Support for Students,” included a series of eggings that took place […]

Vaping at Tufts likely on the rise

Of late, the use of e-cigarettes has become more ubiquitous at Tufts, or at least it is perceived to be. A recent survey on vaping by the Daily asked 243 respondents to rate how common they think vaping is on campus on a scale of one to five, with five being “very common” — 57% rated either a four or five, […]

Tufts amends protest registration policy following student backlash

The university reversed course on its requirement that students must register campus demonstrations of over 25 people with the Office for Campus Life (OCL), according to a Nov. 29 email to the Tufts community from Dean of Student Affairs Mary Pat McMahon, Director of Community Standards Kevin Kraft and the faculty and student co-chairs of the Committee on […]

Students protest Tufts’ revised demonstration policies

More than 65 students gathered in front of Ballou Hall to protest changes to the Tufts student code of conduct yesterday at noon. The new policy requires protest groups expecting more than 25 people to register their protest in advance with the Office of Campus Life (OCL) and receive approval. The student protesters formed multiple groups and […]

Committee on Student Life holds feedback session on updated student code

The Committee on Student Life (CSL) hosted a feedback session and public forum to hear comments on the recently announced updates to the student code of conduct in the Sophia Gordon Multipurpose Room on Monday night. Approximately 20 students and faculty members were in attendance. Among those present were Director of Community Standards Kevin Kraft, Dean of Student Affairs Mary Pat […]

University overhauls student code of conduct

Content warning: This article discusses sexual misconduct. The Dean of Student Affairs Office announced a series of changes to the student code of conduct in an Aug. 31 email sent to the Tufts community. The updates — which impact drug and alcohol amnesty, campus demonstration procedures and hazing, among other policies — are the most significant […]

Committee on Student Life examines, considers revisions to Code of Conduct

This semester, the Committee on Student Life (CSL) has commenced a comprehensive analysis and review of student life policies within the Schools of Arts and Sciences and Engineering and the School of the Museum of Fine Arts (SMFA). Committee members are specifically examining the Code of Conduct. The 18 committee members include student-elected undergraduate and graduate representatives, […]

Tufts implements Student Life Review Committee recommendations

Since the Student Life Review Committee (SLRC) released its report last September, the committee has been making progress on implementing the suggested changes and plans to revamp social life at Tufts. The report, identifying problems and outlining recommendations, focuses on improving life at Tufts across seven specific areas: safety and wellbeing, diversity and inclusion, campus-wide community, first-year experience, residential experience, […]

Video surveillance: Cameras spark concerns over appropriate use of footage

Editor’s note: This is the final article in a two-part series produced by the Daily’s Investigative Team. The first part was published on Nov. 30, and is posted online. In 2012, Tufts administration spearheaded a program to establish a formalized surveillance security policy that would cover both the cameras that had previously been installed on campus and the installation of […]

Applejam deals with repercussions of curfew infraction

 Applejam Productions, a student group that works to bring live musical acts to campus, has had to deal with increased administrative oversight since their March 31 Mykki Blanco concert ran over time, according to current President of Applejam Katyla Malison.  The Tufts University Police Department  (TUPD) entered the Crane Room, the show’s venue, after the concert extended past its midnight curfew. […]