Jumbo Steps: Christ’s horseshoe

It’s interesting to see what kind of questions we Jumbos ask each other at the start of every academic year. I’ve noticed that the majority of returning sophomores ask more personal questions compared to the start of freshman year, which makes sense since the first-year song and dance of asking vague questions is over. There […]

Jumbo Steps: Stale

Let me take you back to 2011: the year that birthed unto us a rather unforgivably distasteful acronym, YOLO (“You Only Live Once”). I personally hate the acronym because of its now muddy meaning. The mantra is well-intended, but its execution — not so much. I find it almost exclusively reserved for those “I have a […]

Jumbo Steps: The GPA List

Standing alone, 52 is but a freckle of quantitative information. But slap a unit after it, and all hell may break loose — especially if it’s a percentage sign. This, friends, was my grade on the infamous BIO13’s first test. In hindsight, my study plan can be chalked up as a method whose guaranteed result is […]

Jumbo Steps: Drawing attention

The hallway walls leading into my and my roommate’s room has been recently adorned with two new masterpieces. We can’t really tell if the portraits we drew of each other look Picasso-esque, or if they seem like the product of a three-year-old’s after-school art project. But that’s precisely we drew each other in the first […]

Jumbo Steps: Word Up

The English dictionary is rad, but its organization is a bit archaic. For convenience’s sake, alphabetical order does the job for a quick and dirty search. The English dictionary is rather successful in denotatively capturing the essence of every word ever coined, created and carried from century to century, from continent to continent. Which, in […]

Jumbo Steps: Helium

There aren’t any clouds here in Sunny SoCal, so I’ve created my own. And right now, I’m dancing on it. Just me, myself and I. On Cloud 9. I didn’t intend on coming home. But then I did a thing. On Saturday evening, JetBlue schlepped me to California a mere seven hours after I’d purchased […]

Food for thought: On weenies

“Tufts has no weenie game,” stated an irate Jonathan at last night’s dinner. He wore a UNC Football shirt, which is how we got onto the subject in the first place. I asked him about why he likes UNC football right as Jif, another friend, joined us. And, boy, did I ask a loaded question. […]

Jumbo Steps: As I faced the music

I felt like Sean Connery upon entering Ryan’s hotel room last night. In true James Bond fashion, Ryan closed the blinds, immediately cut to the chase and opened one two jet black cases lying on the floor. But then, it all stopped being so “MI6,” for Ryan wasn’t an enemy, I wasn’t there to assassinate […]

Jumbo Steps: Closure

Smack my orbitals and call me a cation, because this atom just got a lot more positive. My electric charge changed this past week, upon realizing that I can only improve my happiness by distancing myself from you. And so far, I made the right decision. I’m talking to you, my (former) friend. I don’t […]