Career Center, community senator seeking to improve resources for international students

Tufts is known for emphasizing the theme of globalism with 15 percent of its undergraduate population consisting of international students representing over 60 different nations. However, these students often struggle to find job or internship opportunities in the United States due to their status as non-citizens. Executive Director of the Career Center Gregory Victory and International Community […]

P.S. …: Experience: An Infinite Regress

Like most college seniors, one of my deepest, most pathetic fears is the idea of graduating jobless and unemployable. When searching for jobs, there are several recommended steps — have a good resume, make it clean and organized and somewhat worth reading and have said resume include good other jobs and internships, termed “past experience.” […]

Tufts Career Center launches Handshake, replaces Jumbo Jobs

Tufts’ switch from Jumbo Jobs to Handshake, a new job/internship database for students, has been recognized as a much-needed improvement in user experience and job search capabilities. Jumbo Jobs faced significant criticism from students and frustration from the Career Center’s staff. Gregory Victory, executive director of Tufts Career Center since July of 2016, gave some background […]

Advice from Dead Poets (and Some Living): W.S. Merwin on waiting at a red light

Yesterday morning, I sat in the backseat of a friend’s car in downtown Boston at a red light that never turned green. I don’t mean that as an exaggeration. The chorus of blaring horns stretching for a block behind us didn’t tip us off to the fact that the light was broken. We sat with […]