MFA hosts the Boston Festival of Films from Japan

From Feb. 1 to Feb. 28, the Museum of Fine Arts (MFA) presents the Boston Festival of Films from Japan. The featured films represent various genres, including animation, fiction and documentary films. The films also touch on a variety of themes and subjects. Two films, specifically “Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms” (2018) and “Shoplifters” (2018), explore […]

El Centro: Remembering

I was born and raised in Japan. I say this when meeting someone for the first time. That is true; there is no other country that I would call my own, for and of which I am grateful and proud. It’s also true that American culture raised me too. Most of my peers back home surrounded […]

‘Kusama: Infinity’ narrows in on Yayoi Kusama’s life, artistic legacy

Content Warning: This article mentions self-harm. Visionary contemporary artist Yayoi Kusama’s work may be instantly recognizable. Her rise to international fame, however, was not a linear or easy path, as depicted in Magnolia Pictures’ biopic “Kusama: Infinity” (2018). Kusama’s “White No. 28” (1960) became the most expensive work by a living female artist when it was sold […]

Jumbo Exchange: A reflection on study abroad

Time flies. It really does. As of now, I have completed my exchange program in the United States. To be perfectly honest, the past nine months were not all filled with fun and happy memories. Things didn’t always turn out the way I expected. It was not that everything went swimmingly back home, but in hindsight, […]

Jumbo Exchange: Appreciating diversity

The fact that this week is the final week of classes makes me realize that it’s really the end of the semester, which also means the end of my exchange program. The next three weeks are likely to pass quickly because I’m going to be busy writing essays and studying for exams. Besides that, I’m […]

Jumbo Exchange: Capitalism around me

As of today, I count 228 days of staying in the States. Although that seems like a relatively short period of time to judge, I’m starting to understand and feel attached to many aspects of the country. Of them, I’d like to discuss capitalism in the States. When you think of capitalism, the American dream, Wall […]

Jumbo Exchange: Political awareness

Time flies; I can’t believe it is already April — there are now only one and a half months left in my stay here in the States! It might not yet be the time to review my study abroad experience at Tufts, but these days I cannot help but look back a bit, wondering what […]

Jumbo Exchange: Academic life

How was your spring break? I hope you all had a great time and feel recharged for school! Today, I am going to talk about my impression of the academic experience at Tufts as an exchange student. Since I already wrote about classes in my earlier posts, I am going to focus more on schoolwork […]

Jumbo Exchange: Residential experience

It is often said “to every bird, his own nest is beautiful.” It might be obvious to many people that what kind of house or room you live in is really important. Your home would be where you can fully relax and perhaps where you spend the most of your time for eating, school work and […]

Jumbo Exchange: Good choice?

One of the questions people ask me a lot is “How do you like Tufts?” Usually, I just answer “I love it!” without a second thought. Today, I am going to ask myself the same question and think about it more deeply, looking back to the days that I have spent here for the last five […]