Op-Ed: Visions of Peace

Too often we feel pressured to come to a decision. Especially at Tufts, and most especially when faced with something as controversial and divisive as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The violence does not end while we argue over who has rightful claim to the land, who was there first, or whether Israel is an apartheid state, […]

Op-Ed: ‘Next year in Jerusalem:’ Reflecting on Israeli Apartheid Week

Some of you may have seen students munching on funky-looking crackers last week in the dining halls. What you saw was students eating matzah, the “bread of affliction,” in celebration of the Jewish festival of Passover. For those wondering the reasoning behind such a tradition, Passover commemorates the exodus of the Israelites from Egypt following […]

Red Star: Defending the indefensible

Some have spent the last few years attempting to make solidarity with Palestine a crime. But any time a democracy bulldozes villages, unjustly imprisons teens and plans to deport refugees, one has a right to protest its actions. Of course, you can bomb apartments, shell civilians and violate international law, but it’s all okay so long as you […]

Op-Ed: Prepared for the worst

The cafeteria was crowded with students enjoying lunch between summer exams. In an instant, a bomb concealed in a bag left near a table exploded, tearing flesh from limbs. Corpses lay on the floor, while survivors wailed, covered in blood. Seven people were killed, including five Americans; about 80 people were wounded, including Israelis, Arabs, Americans and South Koreans. The attack, […]

TAMID at Tufts hosts Michael Granoff for lecture on autonomous vehicles, electric energy

At an event hosted by TAMID at Tufts yesterday evening, Michael Granoff (LA ’91), founder of Maniv Mobility, presented a vision of the future that featured autonomous vehicles and clean energy with Israel playing a key role. According to the TAMID at Tufts website, TAMID is a student-led consulting group that “offers programming for business-minded students […]

Letter to the Editor: The Daily has an Israel problem

In light of the article “Tufts Police Chief travels to Israel for counterterrorism seminar” from Jan. 26 and the recent article “Students, staff, administration respond to TUPD counterterrorism training” from March 8, one thing has become absolutely clear: The Tufts Daily has a bias against Israel. It is one thing to publish a series of opinion […]

Students, staff, administration respond to TUPD counterterrorism training

Two hundred and one members of the Tufts community, including 39 faculty and staff members, 111 students, 47 alumni and four community members, signed a letter addressed to University President Anthony Monaco, outgoing Provost and Senior Vice President David Harris, Dean of Arts and Sciences James Glaser and Director of Public and Environmental Safety (DPES) Kevin Maguire that expressed their concern […]

Looking Out: The Teflon prime minister

Benjamin Netanyahu, or Bibi for short, is not going anywhere. This week, Israeli police chiefs recommended an indictment for corruption charges. While this may sound like good news for the weakened Israeli left and to Bibi-haters everywhere, don’t hold your breath. There will be neither breaking news of his resignation nor a report that his coalition, perhaps […]

Op-Ed: TUPD brings ‘Deadly Exchange’ to Tufts

The predictable silence of a quiet street at two o’clock in the morning was broken when an armored SWAT vehicle arrived on the block. Without a search warrant, the SWAT team broke into a house, threw flash grenades into a child’s playpen, and changed a family’s life forever. This story from Cornelia, Georgia repeats itself […]

Lesley Sachs discusses the battle for women’s rights at the Western Wall

Lesley Sachs, executive director of Women of the Wall, an organization that advocates and organizes for the rights of women to pray freely at Jerusalem’s Western Wall, spoke about her organization and its movement at the Interfaith Center Wednesday night. The event was hosted by the Tufts Students for Two States coalition. The coalition is led by Tufts Hillel, also […]