Op-Ed: Religious literacy is an integral part of international relations

If over 80 percent of the world identifies with a religion, why do government and business leaders often lack an understanding of its impact on society? Certainly, there are good reasons for why this is the case. Since most secular constitutions guarantee a government that is free of church influence, it is easier to ignore […]

‘Muslim at heart:’ Muslim students discuss experiences, relationships to their faith

Over the past month, the Daily sat down with four practicing Muslim students and asked them to share their stories and talk openly and honestly about their faith. The discussions were open-ended and the topics the students touched on included their thoughts about God, where they locate themselves within the Muslim community on campus, the Trump administration and […]

Looking In: On hating Syrians

A lot of people in the United States hate refugees, thinking they are dangerous terrorists. Similar unfounded fears, disconnected from reality, have also become commonplace in Europe. Most refugees in question — objects of hatred and suspicion — are Syrians escaping from their brutal civil war and the destruction brought by ISIS. Many news organizations, […]

The Noor Ensemble celebrates al-mawlid al-nawabi

The Noor Ensemble’s lead singer, Abdou Adam, only had to sing two words last Saturday at his concert before the rest of the audience joined in. Even when the band tried to accompany them with instruments, the audience took over once again, setting their own pace: “Wa salaat wa salaam ala nabii,” meaning “prayers and […]

Tufts professor receives U.N. award for cholera outbreak prediction methods

Shafiqul Islam, director of Tufts’ Water Diplomacy Program, received the Creativity Award in the seventh Prince Sultan Bin Abdulaziz International Prize for Water (PSIPW) from the United Nations (U.N.) on Nov. 2 for his work in cholera outbreak prevention. Islam, who is also a professor in both the Tufts Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and the Fletcher School of Law and […]

Karachi vs. Kansas: Go vote (then think)

Natasha (N): As much as I hate to add to the frenzy of opinions that bombard us on a daily basis in relation to the presidential race, today is Election Day. That means a lot of different things to different people. For us, it means that millions of people will be casting their vote for […]

Tufts Muslim Student Association hosts ‘Spring into Islam’ event series

The Muslim Student Association (MSA) has been presenting its annual “Spring into Islam” event series throughout the past month, with its last public event, a cultural calligraphy night, occurring this Wednesday evening. The series has included workshops, discussions, interfaith programming, prayer services and cultural events to present various highlighted aspects of the religion to the larger Tufts community, according to MSA President Obaid […]

Institute of Global Leadership hosts 31st annual EPIIC symposium ‘Europe in Turmoil’

Yesterday evening marked the conclusion of the Institute for Global Leadership’s (IGL) 31st annual Education for Public Inquiry and International Citizenship (EPIIC) symposium. This year’s symposium, themed “Europe in Turmoil,” focused on the current migrant and refugee crisis in Europe. The symposium ran from Wednesday, Feb. 17 through Sunday, Feb. 21. Most of the talks and workshops were open to the public and held in the Cabot Auditorium at […]

U.S.-Saudi Relations: What’s Next?

As the president’s term slowly approaches its end, some call U.S.-Iran relations the most urgent of the Obama Administration’s shortcomings. The Saudi government has been exceedingly critical. Saudi complaints make sense, especially given the reality that they are directly threatened by Iran’s hegemonic rise. As such, the uncertain Saudi future will greatly impact regional dynamics. […]

UCSD professor speaks on campus about race, intersectionality

Professor Fatima El-Tayeb of University of California at San Diego gave a lecture on the intersectionality of race, religion and sexuality, as well as the persistence of racism in Europe, at the Interfaith Center Tuesday evening. The Nov. 17 lecture, titled “Queer Life of Diaspora,” was hosted by the Consortium of Studies for Race, Colonialism and Diaspora (CSRD) and the […]