E For Everyone: Blackbox

Why should you play “Blackbox – think outside the box” (2016)? Because it finally gave the tired phrase ‘a game unlike any other’ something meaningful to do. This is a game specifically created for the technical abilities of an iPhone, but don’t stop reading. I, like you probably, am always hesitant to download a mobile game […]

iOS 10 brings long-awaited improvements to Apple’s mobile devices

iPhone and iPad owners have a great deal to look forward to in iOS 10, the most recent update to Apple’s mobile operating system, which was released yesterday. iOS 10 overhauls a number of features such as the Siri digital assistant, the Messages application and lock screen notifications, while also making the software more customizable. Third-party developers will […]

Apple versus the FBI

The mass shooting in San Bernardino, Calif. late last year was cause for national mourning and a rekindled fear of homegrown terrorism. Recently, it has also served to actualize the once-abstract debate about cyber security versus privacy that has been burgeoning in the courtroom for over a decade. It has pitted the federal government and […]

Top 10 iPhone apps to keep your life from falling apart

It’s officially November. Midterm season feels like it will never end, you’ve lost your binder, or, if you still have it, it’s a complete mess. You probably feel like you will be perpetually behind until finals. Lucky for you, these little things called phone apps are here to help. There are so many organizational tools available for […]