R.E.A.L. Talk: Second chances are not a guarantee

As summer starts, students are leaving campus to plan their futures. Many will find summer jobs and internships, and they will return to their studies here at Tufts in September. Some will travel and take advantage of the time away from school. Many, like myself, will be graduating and starting a new chapter of our lives. […]

International student employment training program to nearly double in cost

The cost of Curricular Practical Training (CPT), a program that allows international students to gain work experience in their field of study, will nearly double from the half-credit cost to a total of $966 starting this summer as the university’s new credit system is implemented. CPT is a federally regulated program administered by the International Center (I-Center) at Tufts that gives […]

Tisch Summer Fellows program diversifies placement opportunities for 2018

The Tisch Summer Fellows (TSF) program, which provides Tufts students with 10-week summer internships, is diversifying its placement options in summer 2018, according to Jennifer McAndrew, director of communications, strategy and planning at the Jonathan M. Tisch College of Civic Life, and Maggie McMorrow, the TSF program administrator. The Tisch College website states that the program currently offers domestic placements in […]

P.S. …: Experience: An Infinite Regress

Like most college seniors, one of my deepest, most pathetic fears is the idea of graduating jobless and unemployable. When searching for jobs, there are several recommended steps — have a good resume, make it clean and organized and somewhat worth reading and have said resume include good other jobs and internships, termed “past experience.” […]

Tufts Career Center launches Handshake, replaces Jumbo Jobs

Tufts’ switch from Jumbo Jobs to Handshake, a new job/internship database for students, has been recognized as a much-needed improvement in user experience and job search capabilities. Jumbo Jobs faced significant criticism from students and frustration from the Career Center’s staff. Gregory Victory, executive director of Tufts Career Center since July of 2016, gave some background […]

The Elephant in the Room: Success is a social construct

Sometimes I feel like this column consists of me having an existential crisis for everyone to read about on Thursdays. I kind of shout my tidbits of information into the void and hope that they stick with someone, so here is my weekly shout into the void. At times when I am sad with all […]

Tufts By Numbers: The Land of No Data: Internships

This past week, Tufts students dressed in heels and suit jackets walked (willingly! hopefully!) into a big black hole of data: internships. At Tufts’ career fair last Friday, hundreds of students milled around, hopeful to become one part of the invisible statistics of internships. But shaking hands and collecting business cards aside, how much are […]

The Elephant in the Room: ‘Holiday Time’ or ‘Time to Reevaluate my Life’

It’s hard to feel adequate at a university like Tufts. I spent many precious hours of my winter break updating my LinkedIn and resume in order to secure a summer internship. I know I’m not alone in this thought process; we all came out of high school at the top of our game. It takes […]

Editorial: Reassessing unpaid internships

As the job market becomes more competitive, students must find new ways to differentiate themselves from their peers. Unpaid internships have long been a way for college students to gain exposure to the types of work they would like to do in the future without a financial commitment on the part of the company hiring […]