Interdisciplinary studies reflects new academic interests and innovative collaborations

While the interdisciplinary studies (IS) major offers students the freedom to combine disciplines to fit their interests and cross normative academic boundaries, the Center for Interdisciplinary Studies works with students to help design and promote their individualized major post-graduation — a unique challenge to IS majors that comes with its own advantages. Dean of Undergraduate Studies Carmen Lowe talked […]

At the Center for Interdisciplinary Studies, students take ownership of their courses and theses

The Interdisciplinary Studies (IS) major is a relatively hidden opportunity that can be a blessing for students who cannot fulfill their academic appetite with Tufts’ pre-designed majors. The Center for Interdisciplinary Studies’ (CIS) website describes the major as an option for students whose academic interests span multiple disciplines and who want to tailor their own course load at Tufts. The website […]

Op-ed: Mama knows best

As I held my grandmother Ivy’s aging hands during my last visit home, her melodious Kriol voice filled her bedroom on the south side of Chicago with its characteristic Caribbean warmth. Speaking with her is always a pleasure that I thoroughly indulge in because she has always fed me with so much rich history about […]